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Dec 7, 2021
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Quin Leonkri


► 17
► Human
► 5' 10" (1.78 m)
► 134.7 lb (61.1 kg)
► Gray
► Brown
► Naboo
► Male
► Jedi Order
► Padawan
► Yes

Quin is always ready to speak his mind when it comes to being a Jedi. His parents, being of Naboo nobility, were disdainful about his desire to become a Jedi knight, and did everything they could to curb the development of his powers in the Force. When not dealing with his parents, he is relatively upbeat and energetic, though patient. He is eager to learn about all aspects of the Force, and only uses his lightsaber when absolutely necessary.


Being of noble birth, Quin was part of the upper class of Naboo. He enjoyed many privileges as a result, including receiving some of the best education the galaxy had to offer as well as having his every whim met and catered to. The only thing he couldn’t get was what he wanted most— to become a Jedi knight. He’d known that he was Force-sensitive from a young age, but he was expected by his parents to become a politician, not a Jedi. Even knowing where his passions laid, his parents refused to let him follow them, telling him that it would be a disgrace to their family name if their only son left to join the Jedi Order.

As a result, Quin spent much of his childhood years attempting to acquire ancient Jedi texts to learn about the Force and possibly even train himself in secret, but to little avail. Without someone to guide him, he grew increasingly frustrated with both himself and his parents, until it came to the point when he made the decision to run away from home to find a real Jedi to teach him instead.


+ Standard green-bladed lightsaber
+ Jedi utility belt
+ Jedi Wanderer Robes
+ Comlink


In chronological order:

Chapter One
  1. The Master of the Crystal Cat - Complete
  2. The Big Empty - Complete
  3. Home - Inactive
  4. Give of Yourself - Inactive
  5. We're Going to the Fair! - Complete
  6. Wild Bantha Chase - Inactive
  7. Unwelcome Tenants - Inactive
  8. Observing the Darkness Beneath - Complete
  9. A Temple Venture - Inactive
  10. Salt in the Water - Inactive
  11. While You Were Partying, We Studied the Blade- Inactive
  12. Seeding Flowers - Complete
  13. The Sun and the Shade - Complete
  14. Running From Fate - Complete
  15. Now There Are Two of Them - Active
  16. Where the Green Leaves Fall - Active
  17. Marry Me Or Go Back To Jail - Active
  18. This Title is A Title - Complete
  19. The Peak of Power - Active
  20. Sun Day, Fun Day! - Social
  21. Rock Bottom - Active
  22. Killik With Fire - Event
  23. If you're interested in starting one, feel free to PM me on site or DM on Discord!
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