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May 7, 2020
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NAME: Raksis Hiraaks
FACTION: Sith Order
RANK: Champion
SPECIES: Dathomarian
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 171 lbs.
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes and trained.

Raksis looks like his other brethren with his crown of horns and black and red skin. His eyes look like that of a solar eclipse. He wears black robes and a darker cloak and hood.
Currently, he resembles that of a four legged scorpion made out of grimy scrap metal, just without the pincers as his top half is unscathed.

Raksis is a good and relentless fighter, using his furious hate to fuel his calculated blows. For what he lacks in defense and wisdom, he makes up for in speed and intellect. His speaking and strength capabilities are about average but his speed and quick thinking along with his knack for strategy is exceptional. He is good with both blasters and melee weapons but prefers his pair of vibro-swords to slaughter his foes. Raksis is also a decent pilot and wielder. While on the field, Raksis began having visions of a mysterious throne from the Death Star wreckage where he and and clouded figure sat. After pursing more knowledge about this Vision, he found that Darth Bane had been offering to show him how strong he would become if he began killing his fellow brothers and sisters in the Order- seemingly from the grave. His first killed Sith was Darth Fell who he stabbed to death with his newly made purple lightsabers while he slept. Then, he forsook his lightsabers and returned them back into their vibro-sword form through the Force, and has sought after new ways to recreate the Rule of Two.

STR: Mid
DEX: High
CON: High
WIS: Low *Due to his current state of madness
INT: Low *Due to his current state of madness
CHA: Low *Due to his current state of madness

Though Raksis may seem calm and collected on the outside, he has a raging fire on the inside and blows up at the slightest insult. He’s also always planning and scheming against his enemies to ensure he comes out on top and gets rid of any potential threat. He believes in keeping the vows of his superiors and respects those who do the same, however, he wants to climb higher in the Sith Order and competes with the others in his faction with the amount of feats he’s accomplished. Raksis may be too young to remember Darth Bane, but the aspiring Sith believes that Darth Bane's Legacy should come back to power and secretly wants to overthrow the Sith Order and establish the old Rule of Two once again.

He’s currently hellbent on killing Vahn Berand after he cut Raksis in half on Taris. It’s the only thing that’s kept him alive. He is very psychotic and is very mentally and physically broken.

Raksis was taken from Dathomir as a child and was raised and received training on a Star Destroyer by a member of the Sith Order, Darth Fell. When Fell learned of Raksis’ conflict with the Light Side, he refused to train him and instead sent him on field assignments to see if he could vanquish the spark of light in his heart. When Raksis figured out why Fell refused to train him, he grew bitter towards his master and vowed to be completely subdued by the Dark Side so could kill his master.

During this time of torment, Darth Bane began to appear to Raksis in dreams and visions, promising to guide the young Sith Acolyte to greatness and glory- promising to vanquish the light which still lingered in Raksis' heart. Raksis did as his new Master pleaded and murdered Darth Fell in his sleep and felt the power of the Dark Side steal away bits of his "goodness" and replacing it with malice.

That was Bane's promise to Raksis- If he swore to kill the others who dared call themselves "Sith" and brought back Bane's Legacy of the Rule of Two, Raksis would survive until every last "Sith Pretender" was killed off and Raksis would be the new and only Sith Lord with a new and only Sith Apprentice.

After he murdered his master and sent the Star Destroyer into an asteroid belt where it was destroyed forever, Raksis set out on his own to learn how to get rid of his weakness, learning of his Sith comrades so he could plan and devise ways to kill each of them- or better yet, get them to kill each other, as Darth Bane had advised Raksis to do concerning the current Sith Lords.

Now, Raksis has seen Darth Bane's promise made true, as after he fell from the Battle of Taris due to Vahn Berand cutting him in half, he still lives- maybe not in his former glory and prime, but he still lives to carry on the Rule of Two, waiting to destroy the Sith Empire from the inside out.

Form VII Juyo (Expert),
Interrogation (Adept),
Negotiation (Adept),
Acrobatics (Adept),
Stealth/Infiltration (Adept),
Piloting (Adept),
Armor Smith (Novice),

Raksis, due to his current state of madness, is only able to use Telekinesis, however his Telekinesis is sporadic, chaotic, and random and he has no control over it.
- Force Choke (Expert)
- Force Speed (Adept)
- Mind Shard (Adept)
- Telekinesis (Adept)
- Pyrokinesis (Adept)
- Cryokinesis (Adept)
- Force Stasis (Novice)
- Force Lightning (Novice)
He does occasionally see visions of possible futures given to him by Darth Bane to help guide Raksis but are usually very obscure or masked with riddles. The clearer visions are only of himself dying.

Kyber Crystals (2)
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So is he supposed to have actual visions of Bane or is it just a manifestation of psychosis?


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May 7, 2020
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They are actual visions of Bane but because of his mental state right now he hasn't been able to see any actual visions of Bane besides hearing his voice every now and then. So yes and no.
Before Raksis was cut in half, yes he could see and receive instruction from Darth Bane sometimes.
After Raksis was cut in half, no he can't see and rarely receives any input from Darth Bane.