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May 7, 2020
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The Good, the Bad, and the Mando...
After Senator Phineas Hawthorne's...interesting statements in the recent senate meeting, there has been word from the criminal underworld of some Falleen thugs set on assassinating the Senator. As such, the Sector Rangers have been asked to go after the origin of these plotting thugs before the Senator is no longer able to fulfill his duties- and rumor has it that the Senator of Ord Mantell is willing to add a little something extra if the job is done well.

The Mandalorian Ranger, Akalenedat, has been cracking his knuckles lately, inching for a good old fashioned bar fight in the Diamond Eye Casino and Saloon, where a Falleen banker and marketer, who has a fairly good and honest reputation, by the name of Rakko Maifus likes to hang around. Akalenedat has found that Mr. Maifus has something to do with the plot against the Senator's life and believes that the strange people, who adorn the infamous Black Sun crest, he disappears with in the Casino every now and then have to do with this particular plot as well.

Akalenedat wants a group to assist him in spotting and following Maifus and his sketchy associates through the Diamond Eye Casino to wherever his 'man-cave' is hidden, find any plans related to the rumored assassination plot (or any devious plans this guy has in general) and take Rakko into custody. If needs be, this posse is allowed to go a little gung-ho, but only as long as they grab the plans necessary to put this supposed "Do-Gooder" behind bars.

Akalenedat's only comment after the debriefing was, "They can't kill if they're dead!!"

So what are you waiting for?? It's time to bust some knuckles!

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Jul 25, 2010
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Ya'll are giving me goosebumps. This is intense! 😎