Ask [Rattatak] Broken and Defeated

Kyosuke Yamato

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Mar 2, 2022
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He wasn't sure he could trust what he heard based on sudden images and shattered memories of the recent tragedy. There was a long pause before he'd finally respond, all the while slowly letting his uneasy trembles relax before he faintly raised his weak voice over the airspeeder's powerful thrusters, "...okay..."

Exhaustion gradually took hold. His upper body dipped to the side, his shoulder sluggishly catching the craft's wide transparisteel canopy in the process. For a moment his bare back touched the seat, which was abruptly followed by a soft hiss of pain, a sudden jolt forward, and an instinctive tensing of the muscles.

Fresh scars mixed with old ones across his back like a labyrinth.
The blonde's performance and contribution blended in between.
His dark baggy blues and tireless expression gradually eased.
The heavy pull of fatigue wrapped around his frail core.

"...thank you..." '...Celeste?...'
The name flashed through his dizzy mind, and vanished.
Then his restless muscles all gradually fell limp.
And for the first time in many rotations,
he finally allowed himself to rest in peace...

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