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► 26
► Human
► 152cm
► 45kg (without armor)
► Honey brown
► Dark brown
► Chalacta
► Female
► Independent
► Unknown nobody
► No


Born in Chalacta and then orphaned and left behind in a backwater planet located in the Outer Rim, Reiel was raised and kept alive by the elder of a small yet generous farming village. It was a simple yet fulfilling life for a child, and yet fate seemed to have something much more in store for the young Chalactan. At the age of 18, she came across a lone Mandalorian, finding herself – due to her own inquisitiveness (more like poking on things that shouldn't concern her) – in his ship and subsequently under his care as an "overaged" foundling.

The Starting Point

Reiel was the sole child of a Chalactan couple. Her parents were middle-class merchants, often hopping from one planet to another due to their trade.
After her birth, Reiel's parents took a break from their trade to focus on raising her. The travels continued, however, with the couple hoping to make the child used to space travel and their subsequent return to the job that provided for the family.

When Reiel was a year old, her mother – who already had a weak constitution since she was a child – developed Bloodburn, a rare, chronic, and often terminal illness of the blood. She succumbed to the illness not too long after being diagnosed, and Reiel's father was left devastated by his wife's loss. Unable to live in the planet where every good thing reminded him of his lost wife, the young father left Chalacta with his child in tow, and soon settled in a farming village located in a backwater planet on the Outer Rim.

A year later, a small group of pirates arrived on the planet and soon terrorized the farming village Reiel and her father lived in. The attackers were surprised by the villagers' resistance and capability to fight, not knowing that the residents of the small farming village were mostly comprised by a mix of ex-pirates themselves, who have turned their lives for the better. While the villagers succeeded in driving away the newcomers, their victory came with a cause – the loss of a few lives, including Reiel's father. The village elder, a former pirate captain, decided to take in the orphaned child under her wing. Days after the attack, the villagers heard word from passing outsiders of a lone Mandalorian mopping up what remained of the pirates, and the village was finally left to live in peace.

While the villagers renounced their old ways of piracy, they made sure that their children were raised and taught to defend themselves. Reiel was no exception. She was taught her letters and numbers alongside the village children, and while she saw herself as a decent learner, her biggest challenge came in the form of combat training. Reiel was small and thin for her age, a result of being conceived while her mother have yet to learn that she was already afflicted with bloodburn. When her peers moved on from one training to the next, Reiel remained stuck with weapons training while the other children stepped up with combat training. Upon seeing no improvement on the young Chalactan's combat skills, the village elder decided to have Reiel stick with academic studies instead.

Years passed. At the age of 15, Reiel's caretaker perished due to natural causes, leaving her well and truly orphaned. She became one of the village teachers at the time, delegated to teaching the young ones how to read and write. It was torture for her, for she longed to explore the world outside of the farming village – and maybe go offworld, too. But she stayed her desire to leave, reminding herself to keep still and repay the village that raised her by offering what she had been taught in return.

Things changed, however, when a small, seemingly custom freighter landed somewhere in the forest bordering the farming village three years afted her caretaker's death. Word from the few hunters in the village spoke of a lone Mandalorian wearing grey-painted beskar – both the armor and the ship reminiscent of the Mando who came to the planet and mopped up the crew of pirates from years ago. The hunters commented on the Mandalorian's hulking stature and the plethora of weapons he carried, and the signet displaying the snarling face of a rancor further solidified that this was the same warrior from before.

Intrigued, Reiel went into the forest in search of the Mandalorian's freighter under the pretense of gathering herbs for the village apothecary. Armed with a blaster and a hunting knife, the girl then set off in search of the person and his craft who piqued her interests.
It was dark when she found her quarry, but the Mandalorian was nowhere in sight. The gangway of the ship, however, was open, and that alone was too enticing for Reiel to pass up. She boarded the freighter, inspecting everything she came across with but being mindful not to touch anything. Reiel was ecstatic, to say the least, her desire for adventure reignited by her snooping in on a Mandalorian's ship.

Never had she imagined that her exploring would be ended by said Mandalorian lugging an unconscious Twi'lek on his shoulder and aiming a blaster at her, stoically demanding for her identity and business in his ship.

Cheeky as ever (something that had constantly given her caretaker a headache), Reiel instead chastised the Mandalorian for leaving behind his ship open and unattended. Seemingly amused by her casual irreverence, the Mando simply commented that his prey thought it hilarious to attempt an escape only to end up almost getting killed by a predator in the forest – leaving the Mandalorian to swoop in and rescue his target from the wild animal.

"He's no use to me dead," said the Mando in his gruff, modulated voice later on.

Reiel soon found herself telling the bounty hunter about her life on the planet. How, because of her physical constitution, she was deemed as a non-combatant just because her melee skils needed more improvement. It was not her place to brag, but she found herself wanting to impress the armored man while he froze his quarry in carbonite, telling him that while her close combat skills needed improvement her marksmanship was not one to be trifled with. The Mandalorian's silence and tolerance of her presence emboldened the Chalactan, and she hadn't realized that she had voiced out her request of hitching a ride offworld until the bounty hunter replied a nonchalant "No."

But I'm on my own now, no one would miss me if I leave, Reiel wanted to protest. But she held her tongue and moved to get off the ship. She did not expect for the Mandalorian to call her attention as she walked down the gangway, however, and asking her a demonstration of her remarkable (not the Mandalorian's word but hers) markmanship.

She obliged, and, needless to say, the Mandalorian was impressed. He asked her if she wanted to learn more, if she wanted to be proficient even in close combat, and when Reiel said yes the Mandalorian told her that he might return in "this backwater skug hole" if she proved to be worth remembering enough. Reiel was taught by her caretaker not to expect too much lest she only be disappointed, but she held on to the Mandalorian's word and bid him farewell.

The Way of the Mandalorian

Months have passed since the Mandalorian's departure and yet Reiel held on to hope that he will return. She frequented the area in the forest where his ship had landed, spending hours and hours waiting to get a glimpse of the chunk of his metal transport.

The Mandalorian did not disappoint.

He returned as not-promised, bringing with him his knowledge of warfare and combat. Reiel soaked in every information enthusiastically, accepting his teachings with wide-eyed wonder. She delighted in the way he taught her about using what she excelled in to her full advantage while helping her improve where she's lacking. Reiel and the Mandalorian danced around each other in a song singing of familial ties bound not by blood but shared fondness and care for months until the Mandalorian asked her if she really had no other surviving biological family. Upon getting the confirmation that she had none, the Mandalorian asked for her permission to let him take her in as a foundling. Not really understanding at first what it entailed, Reiel acquiesced if and only if the Mandalorian agreed to take her offworld and into a new planet where she could start her adventure and find her way in the Galaxy.

Only when she had returned to the vllage to bid everyone farewell did Reiel understand what she had signed up into, but the proposal was a much welcomed one. While the village elder had been her caretaker and Reiel was grateful for her guidance and provisions, the relationship between them was not that of a parent and a child. With the Mandalorian, it was as if Reiel had suddenly found a father figure in him during those months he went and returned for her and her training. The Mandalorian himself admitted that he had become attached to her, having lost his adopted daughter and remembering the latter's wish for him to never let his fear of losing yet another child stop him from taking in foundlings. He had liked her spirit and personality enough for the Mandalorian to consider taking Reiel as his child, and the villagers gave him their blessing when Reiel told them that she would come with him and be his foundling.

Reiel was too old to be considered as a foundling, however, so in order to be a Mandalorian and therefore the Mando's child she became cin vhetin and had sworn to follow the Creed and living by the Resol'nare. Only then did the leader of her buir's small clan allow the grey-armored Mandalorian to recite to Reiel the Vows of Adoption to officially claim her as his child. Clan Crowholde – she soon learned – was relatively small, with 36 members including children before Reiel's arrival and that her father was one of the bounty hunters who provided for the clan.

After her induction to the Mandalorian Creed and Clan Crowholde, Reiel soon began her training. Due to her small stature, something anyone could easily use to her disadvantage, her father had been harsh and strict with her training. He pushed her until she exceeded her limits, often letting her collapse due to exhaustion and pain. This did not mean that her adoptive father was cruel – Reiel understood his need to break her so he could rebuild her stronger, so she could become unshakable and more than capable enough to defend not only herself but also her clan. Where there was an abundance of hardships in her training, her father countered it with more love and guidance he could provide her with. Wulfric's love for his adopted daughter was exactly the reason why, in spite of the breaking and rebuilding she received in her gruelling experiences while training, Reiel maintained the optimism and light-heartedness of her youth.

At the age of 23, she passed what was supposed to be her verd'goten and started to work as a bounty hunter alongside her father. The beskar for the armor and helmet she now wore came from her father's first adopted child, the beskar'gam itself melted for repurposing for the next Mandalorian who would have need of it. Reiel opted to follow the color scheme of her father's armor, mirroring his grief of losing a loved one – with Reiel grieving for an older sister she could have had. She then began working independently a year later, oftentimes running into her buir in between jobs to catch up to him and to tag along with him on their way back to the covert to share their earnings with the clan.

Underneath the beskar'gam she wears, Reiel displays a slightly tanned complexion. She has dark brown hair which she always keeps at shoulder-length. Her face – with a smattering of freckles here and there – is round, with wide, honey brown eyes, small nose, and full lips. She is rather small and slender for her age, a product of her mother being sickly during her conception. Her body has then gotten lithe and agile under her adoptive father's care and training. "Size matters not," her buir always reminds her, and Reiel takes pleasure in besting those who demean her because of her height and build.
Personality, Skills, and Abilities
To make up for her lacking physical prowess, Reiel's buir helped her hone her marksmanship. Paired with a good eyesight that notices minute details, Reiel rarely misses her targets. Her fingers are quick as well, making knife-throwing almost as easy as shooting a target. To Reiel's self-assessment, she knows that her skills with vibroblades need more polishing. She can hold her own against knife fights but not for long, especially against bigger and stronger opponents.

Due to her job as a bounty hunter, Reiel's knowledge in the medical field seems sufficient enough. Injuries that require surgery is beyond her, however, despite knowing how to perform the necessary procedures in theory.

Raised by her adoptive father in the stricter side of the Way where showing one's face to non-family and outsiders reduces them to dar'manda, Reiel is expected to never remove her helmet under any and all circumstances. Despite this, the young Mandalorian is fond of smiling and does not shy away from having her expressions and feelings known. In spite of the harsh and gruelling training her Mandalorian father raised her into, the optimism, carefree attitude, and cheek of a young Reiel remained with her until she has long reached adulthood – something her buir exasperatedly (yet fondly) laments on. She is often the exact opposite of what how outsiders see a Mandalorian and is the exact counterpart of her adoptive father: she can be very talkative in a casual setting outside of the covert, forgoing the mystery that shrouds a Mandalorian in their silence. She still has an air of innocence about certain subjects or discussions despite her age, and is always ready to learn things she hasn't been taught yet. Reiel is openly interested in other races and their culture, and people are often initially scared then surprised by this young Mandalorian who comes to them not because they have a bounty on their heads but because of her need to learn of their customs and cultures.

Reiel is strictly loyal to her father and their clan. Her carefree attitude is balanced by the mask of seriousness and stoicism she easily wears during a job or whenever the situation calls for it. She can be very reserved, either when needed or when she feels anxious and has to gauge the atmosphere around her first. While her father possesses a traditionalist view of the Way, he did not let Reiel treat the Way as zealots do – she respects and upholds the Way of the Mandalore all the same, but not as traditional as her father. He is her gauge on what a Mandalorian should be, the epitome of mandokarla she hopes she can one day be.

Mandalorians are well-known for their combat prowess and weapon expertise. While her weapons proficiency surpassed most of those not trained in the Way of the Mandalore, Reiel's weakness comes in the form of melee combat. This she makes up for with her size and speed. She knows she cannot take on opponents larger than her, so she relies on both her small stature and speed, and stealth to overcome her targets and/or enemies.

Reiel does not consider herself to be the sharpest tool in the kit, always acknowledging those whose intellect and strength far outmatch hers. She has a good head on her shoulders either way, often prone to make sound judgement where it is needed. The young Mandalorian is still considered to be inexperienced, however, and is sometimes quick to panic when a situation comes out of hand or when her plan doesn't meet her expectations.


• Unnamed Chalactan parents
Wulfric Crowholde – adoptive father, Mandalorian bounty hunter
• Srucayr – ori'vod, Mandalorian, Akaan Salyr
• Gett'se Vizsla – vod, Mandalorian bounty hunter
• Fiach Dubh – friend, Jedi Knight

+ Reiel's Beskar'gam
+ DC-15A Blaster Rifle (3x spare power packs)
+ One (1) DE-10 Blaster Pistol (3x spare power packs)
+ Two (2) commlinks
+ One (1) utility belt carrying frag grenades (x5) and flash charges (x4)



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