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May 7, 2020
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NAME: Rel Bombay
FACTION: New Republic
RANK: Senator of Chandrila
AGE: 30
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 168 lbs.
HOMEWORLD: Chandrila

Rel Bombay's wardrobe ranges from multicolored ponchos and oversized beanies and hats with sweats, to simple t-shirts and pants. To add to his unforgettable appearance, he has lots of long dreads that reach down to his hip. His face is kind and calm, and his demeanor is more relaxed than Pyke on Spice. (Which is probably because of the drugs he tends to over use). Regardless of where he is, he always has his guitar strapped over his shoulder behind his back, just incase someone wants to jam. The colors Rel prefers wearing the most are yellows, reds, and greens.

Rel has always been charismatic, ever since he was a little kid. He was always able to get people to laugh or calm a feud between his friends and family. Rel is definitely a people's person and is always up for a conversation on just about anything. Growing up on the diverse planet of Chandrila helped him pick up on twelve different languages, and he's always willing to learn more. Rel's gift in speaking also includes singing. He is a gifted musician and uses his talents to spread the good vibes all across the galaxy with his band.

Rel grew up street fighting, so he knows how to fight dirty, but never uses violence as a first resort. He's a decent pilot, if that counts for anything, but when it comes to tech, he prefers droids and basic programming that he can use to make his music sound better.

STR: Mid
DEX: Mid
CON: Mid
WIS: Mid
INT: Mid
CHA: High

Rel Bombay is an advocate for peace and doesn't condone violence in any form. He will make only one exception, which is going on the defensive. Even then, Rel really doesn't like fighting. That doesn't mean he won't stand up for what he believes in, sometimes literally standing up to perform in concerts with his band, The Wailers. Rel is a very kind man and his voice is always calm and gentle. His chill yet passionate demeanor is what helped him get into office.

Rel loves having conversations with just about anyone and never shuts down the opportunity to preform. His love for music is legendary, and so are a few of his songs. In the end, Rel is just all about love and what love can do for the galaxy. Parts of his campaign used sayings such as 'Spread the Love! Go give a Hug!' or 'Roll with the Punches'. However, Rel does believe strongly in standing up for what you love. If it comes down to it and there was no other reasonable option, Rel can always be counted on to join in the fight.

Rel Bombay grew up in a violent neighborhood with his mother and father and his eleven siblings. His parents always taught him to better and do better, and though some of his siblings fell away from those morals, Rel always stayed true to them. Instead of giving into the crime around him, he decided to rise above it. So, he started a band with three of his sisters and two of his brothers when he was fifteen. They played on street corners and anywhere else where their music could be heard. Eventually, the community gave them the chance to perform on a real stage.

There had been a few agents that were present for the performance and offered The Wailers a chance to preform all over the galaxy. At age eighteen, Rel Bombay and The Wailers made it big, preforming from all ends of the galaxy- for Senators, and simple parties, and even for the Hutts at one point. When Rel came back home, he decided he was going to make his main priority getting his neighborhood into better shape. So, he took some time away from making music and made a solid relationship with his people instead.

He used a mix between public service and good music to do just that. Rel realized that it felt good to be able help out his community, so he decided to run for Senator. Do to his popularity and his firm ideals, he got the position in a landslide vote. Since then, Rel does what he can to better not only his homeworld, but the galaxy itself.

Singin'/Groovin' (Master)
Persuatin'/Debatin' (Expert)
Chillin'/Jammin' (Expert)
Fightin'/Shootin' (Adept)
Flyin'/Slicin' (Adept)

M3 Stun Pistol (1)
Guitar (1)
Dataphone (1)
Datapad (1)
Commlink (1)
Dreads (Many)


Baudo-class Star Yacht "One Love" (1)


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May 19, 2013
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It's also been brought to the attention of staff that this character is essentially a giant caricature of, essentially, what ignorant people think about Jamaicans and their culture. It's literally just an amalgamation of stereotypes and then a Bob Marley faceclaim slapped onto it to really seal the deal.

It's one thing to take inspiration from things or real life people and fold that into a character. It's entirely different to just make a walking stereotype that borderline falls into casual racism.

Like Jesus Christ dude, learn a little nuance.

Archiving this too.