Remus Shipyard and Merchant Fleet


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Jul 14, 2011
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Remus Shipyards and Merchant Fleet

The Remus Shipyards and Merchant Fleet company was founded in 989ABY by Korbin Remus Innes in a bid to find a way for regular spacers to at large be able to afford a small army. Being a very social person he had many friends who had jobs at shipyards and mines, factories and farms. Collecting his friends at a cantina he introduced the idea of an equal share company that answered to no government and provided only for the lower and underclasses. Agreeing they set out pooling their money which proved to be enough to afford payments on a shipyard orbiting Abrion Major. The migration of seven hundred laborers and the founding twenty-seven members of the company went unnoticed and in the years that followed the amount of surplus brought attention and work. Employing hundreds of shipwrights, mechanics, engineers, mercenaries and pilots and using thousands of labor droids the RS&MF company is the primary distributor of military surplus in the Abrion Sector and the fourth leading escort company in the sector.
Although the company caters to most customers they however do not cater to galactic superpowers such as the Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire.

Small Arms
  • Bryar Pistol
    Credits: 380
  • Bryar Rifle
    Credits: 620
  • C-10 Fragmentation Grenade
    Credits: 60
  • MiniMag PTL Missile Launcher

Catalog: Droids
  • R5 Astromech Unit
    Credits: 450
  • PK Labor Unit
    Cost: 500
  • B2 Battle Unit
    Cost: 2000
  • Droideka Battle Unit
    Cost: 2400

Catalog: Vehicles
  • Swoop Bike
    Cost: 800
  • X10 Patrol Cruiser
    Cost: 8900
  • H-1 Light Battle Tank
    Cost: 12800
  • C80-T Armored Personnel Carrier
    Cost: 20300

Catalog: Starships
  • Z-95 Headhunter
    Cost: 28000
  • R-41 Starchaser
    Cost: 35000
  • DX-9 Dropship
    Cost: 56000
  • Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship
    Cost: 143000
  • Mobquet Medium Transport
    Cost: 198000
  • Tartan Patrol Cruiser
    Cost: 2480000
  • Lancer-class Light Cruiser
    Cost: 4950000
  • Carrack-class Light Cruiser
    Cost: 5600000
  • Guardian-class Medium Cruiser
    Cost: 7400000
  • Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
  • Supremacy-class Star Cruiser
    Cost: 1582000

(I dont even want to put any statistics on this shit without someone else doing it for me just because, well I'm very new here and I don't know how liberal or conservative you are with statistics. In any case this is of the 5th Timeline and the shipyard is its base. This is a combat faction and is the prototype to other ends so RP will not just be business and civilian shenanigans)

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