Armor Riz'kacha's Phase I Jedi Armor


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Jan 8, 2020
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Riz'kacha's Phase I Jedi Armor

Based on old Jedi armor from before the clone wars era, this armor was specially ordered by Riz'kacha to be form-fitting whilst still being protective. That being said, the fact that it's made out of bronzium instead of something more substantial suggests that she did spare some expenses in order to be able to afford it. Similarly, though still medium armor, it is a bit lighter than say, a medium suit made of durasteel.


Legal wherever medium armor is legal. The armor pieces themselves are not made of anything special, but the fact that it is medium armor could be concerning to denizens of more civilized worlds.

Type and Coverage

Type: Medium Armor

  • Head: Uncovered.
  • Torso: A bronzium chest piece covers the upper torso, but mostly leaves the abdomen covered by exclusively armorweave.
  • Back: Uncovered by substantial armor, only armorweave.
  • Upper Arms: Uncovered by substantial armor, only armorweave.
  • Lower Arms: Bronzium-plated bracers cover the forearm.
  • Upper Legs: Bronzium-plated cylindrical plates cover the upper thighs.
  • Lower Legs: Bronzium-plated shinguards and boots cover the shins and feet, as well as offering a slight bit of protection to the knees.


Function 1: Armorweave Accessory
  • Most often in the form of a heavy cape, skirt, or underlay beneath armor, armor weave provides some protection against the penetrating effects of shrapnel from explosives and other unpowered high velocity impacts, with only a small amount of bleed through damage (bruising or very minor wounds). It offers no protection against kinetic impact or energy, vibroweapons, or similar "powered" weapons. Having more than one accessory (example: Cape + underweave) provides no additional effect.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes