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Dec 22, 2017
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Disclaimer: Please note that in addition to the Role-Playing Rules, it is important to get acquainted with the following rules and guidelines if you intend to submit custom content: Technology Rules, Lore Guidelines, Planet Guidelines and Species Guidelines.

Subsection A: Role-playing will be the main activity of the site.

Subsection B: Show respect to everyone in the role-play. Members, moderators and administrators should all be shown the same level of respect by everyone. Just because someone has a higher title than you, it does not mean they are better than anyone else.

Subsection C: When it comes to subjects that could be controversial such as torture, rape, pedophilia and excessive gore, please steer clear of it. You can have torture and gore and such, but it must be kept to a minimum and it cannot be graphic in any way. However, you may not portray rape and pedophilia in any form. Please use common sense.

Subsection D: Posting Out of Character (OOC) messages in a role-play thread should be kept to an absolute minimum. Please take advantage of and utilize the Story OOC board.

Subsection E: If you choose to let your character die in the RP, it cannot be brought back under any circumstances. Dead characters are to remain dead. However, usage of Force ghosts/Sith Spirits does require approval from an administrator. Character death though is permanent. While certain characters may continue under special circumstances as Force Ghosts, this is still considered a state of death. Cheating death after being killed via any means (including but not limited to Resurrection, Reanimation, Cloning and Possession) is strictly prohibited.

Subsection F: The administrative staff reserves the right to lay out appropriate consequences they see fit for the breaking the Role-Playing or Site Rules. Members may be given warnings, infraction points, or bans depending on the offense.

Subsection G: If there is an issue in a thread, attempt to resolve the matter with the other party. If the dispute is unable to be resolved, contact an administrator by using the report post function on the post relating to the dispute. Please note, staff members hold the right to reject a report if believed to be a non-issue or can be resolved between members.
Subsection G.1: However, in combat if a post is an obvious case of auto-hit, the case can go directly to reports instead of requiring an OOC to resolve.​
Subsection H: Advertisements to other sites, regardless of content, are not allowed.

Subsection I: Members sock-puppeting accounts in order to bypass bans or for any other forms of malicious intent, will be permanently banned from the website.

Subsection J: Signatures and Avatars cannot contain any profanity censored by the site and cannot contain any picture or texts that violates the TOS.

Subsection K: Characters cannot die without the authors permission, but can be maimed or knocked out.
Exception: The ONLY exception to this is if the player is being unreasonable OOC and refusing to post/ragequitting when their PC is in the middle of a story engagement. They will be given ample warning to post a conclusion for their character. If they do not, in this situation, another player may make the case to staff to seek a conclusion for the PC in question and address the conclusion accordingly, even if it means death for that PC.

Subsection A: The Force is the greatest power in the galaxy. This will never be questioned.

Subsection B: Force users, however, are not superhuman, do not have immense control over the Force, nor are they invincible. If someone uses Force Powers against you, take appropriate hits to keep things fair. The Force does have its limits as it does consume energy and takes concentration to use, with the amount of concentration and energy depending on the potency of use. For example, a Force push on an individual won't take as much energy as someone using the Force to throw a starfighter; digging into someone's mind is going to take more focus and time than pulling a person's legs out from underneath them; using the Force to sense bolts when one cannot see is going to take less energy and focus than healing wounds; etc.

Subsection C: You cannot use a Force Power that will cause massive destruction to a wide radius, cause massive property damage or kill hundreds or more people, even if they are all NPCs, unless you receive permission from the administration.

Subsection D: When using a Force Power in a role-play, you must make it detailed. “He used Force Push” is not an acceptable description. The Force is used as an extension of one's will, not invoked by an incantation.

Subsection E: You are not permitted to use Force Powers against a non-Force user if the non-Force user is unable to counter that attack. However, almost all of the powers can be used against non-Force users.

Subsection F: You cannot use force-sense or similar precognitive abilities to sense, detect, and/or avoid an incoming attack to the point of infallibility. Even a Jedi's senses are prone to failure, and sense intent rather than action.

Subsection G: Use the PVP Guide and follow the approved lore articles for force powers to properly use the Force as viewed on the site.

Subsection H: Lightsaber combat takes years to master. Lightsaber combat has its limits. Not every attack, blaster or otherwise, can be blocked. Certain attack methods, such as sonic or flames, are not stopped by a lightsaber. While anyone can use a lightsaber, it takes proficiency in the Force to block and deflect blaster and/or stun bolts effectively. Lightsaber's magnetic fields are attracted to each other, and bind on contact, preventing their blades from sliding along each other without great effort.

Section IV: Combat

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You will find a full list of rules and combat details here.

Section V: PC and NPC Organizations

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Subsection A: If you wish to create your own PC Organization, you must role-play it’s creation, recruitment of other player characters, acquirement of assets and any other gain.
Subsection A.1: A Player can only lead one (1) PC Organization.​
Subsection A.2: A PC Organization is required to have five (5) members signed-up/committed in character. These members are to remain active.​

Subsection B: PC Organizations have a large amount of freedom in where they can exist. PC Organizations can exist either inside of a Main Faction or NPC Organization as a subgroup, or entirely independent of a faction.

Subsection C: PC Organizations start with only the assets of the Player Characters that join. All assets must be gained in threads.
Subsection C.1: The use of PC Organization assets by members of the organization must be approved by the Organization leader and/or the Administration.​

Subsection D: PC Organizations cannot start with fleets or militaries. Fleets and militaries require role play acquiring such assets. This also applies to any forces that are sold by an organization to someone else. If an organization wants to sell forces to someone else, either the organization or the customer has to request the forces being sold. Fleets and militaries can be retroactively rejected or denied by an administrator.
Subsection D.1: Organization fleets and militaries should be limited to very small numbers and gradually built up over time. Once this has happened, please send a request to the Administration. Keep in mind that your armies and fleets should reflect the size of your Organization.​

Subsection E: If you wish to create an NPC Organization, you are required to submit a write-up detailing the intent, purposes, beliefs, assets, etc., of the organization before they can be role-played as an organization. NPC Organizations are not owned by the submitting author, and can be edited by Administration if needed. Click this link to review the NPC Organization submission guidelines
Subsection E.1: NPC Organizations require an approved written submission. All changes require re-approval.​
Subsection E.2: An NPC Organization are not required to have members to be approved.​

Subsection F: NPC Organizations may start with assets reasonable to the size and type of organization.
Subsection F.1: The use of NPC Organization assets by members of the organization must be approved by the Administration.​

Subsection G: NPC Organizations may start with fleets and/or militaries reasonable to the size and type of organization. If an Organization wants to sell forces to someone else, either the organization or the customer has to request the forces being sold. Fleets and militaries can be retroactively rejected or denied by an administrator.
Subsection G.1: Organization fleets and militaries should be limited to a reasonable amount for the size and type of organization. You may request more troops when you complete threads that would gain the organization such assets. Once this has happened, please send a request to the Administration. Keep in mind that armies and fleets should reflect the size and type of the Organization.​

Subsection A: Espionage is defined as any action undertaken wherein OOC deception or surprise attack is a key end or means of a plot. Before an espionage operation begins, a plot outline must be submitted to Administration.

Subsection B: Spies do not have to inform the opposing faction leader or members of the other faction that they are being spied on even if asked.

Subsection C: Preparation for attacks, assassinations, intelligence gathering, etc. must take place in an OPEN thread, must involve no less than six total posts (OP and 5 replies), and must take place in over a period of no less than 48 hours to allow opportunities for response. The final prep thread before the execution thread happens must be open for a period of 72 hours. Exchange of information may take place in ASK threads, but no preparation for execution of an attack may take place.

Subsection D: Plots targeted against a specific individual must have strong IC motivation. If an individual person is being targeted in any espionage plot, their name must be mentioned in the preparation threads. The execution thread of espionage plots are eligible for rulings.

Subsection E: Preparation threads may occur simultaneously, but each PC may only be in one preparation thread per plot at a time. Each thread a PC is participating in must be completed before that PC may join another prep thread.

Subsection F: OOC information may not be used ICly to uncover an individual who is performing espionage or defecting. For example, in the aftermath of an espionage operation, a character is burned when the deceit is discovered ICly.

Subsection G: The Administration retains the right to negate threads and remove spy privileges in the event that site rules are broken. It is not the role of Administration to "babysit" and ensure that plotters have read these rules. Failure to read and follow these rules falls exclusively on the shoulders of the plot executor and failure to comply will result in nullification of the plot.

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