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Jan 11, 2020
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Mos Espa Spaceport

“Podoo!” Shouted a human in a yellow jacket, throwing down his cards on the table. Chant Sindhu, looking up, clearly not impressed with the man’s attitude replied. “What fair is fair Daran.”

Daran, a dark haired man with a heavy beard sneered.

“Fish whore! I ain’t giving you nothing.”

The shouting soon enough got the attention of a number of the patrons at their tables within the cantina. It was a full house today as soft Huttese music played on speakers all across the cantina. The few watching the tense exchange did so out of curiosity or annoyance.

Chant for her part folded her arms across her chest defiantly. Frowning she replied. “Don’t give me that Bantha crap. This was your idea after all as I recall Daran. Winner keeps all, those were your exact.”

Daran sat up and in disgust spit to the side, making it clear what he thought of the offer. “Mustafar will freeze over before I give my credits to a cheating freak!” Enraged Chant narrowed her eyes at him. Without warning several rough looking humans came out of the corner behind them, drawing their pistols and knives at the Mon Calamari.

Her competitor subsequently displayed a smug smirk. “Stupid Calamari, did ya really think I was going to let you cheat me like that. These here are some good friends of mine who came as insurance.”

Chant’s blood boiled as she scowled. After being stuck for many weeks here on Tatooine selling parts, racing and gambling the former starfighter pilot had thought today she would finally get a break and buy a new ship. Now this sleemo is cheating me! The young lady realized.

Leaning closer, maintaining that arrogant grin Daran said. “You should’ve let me win fish whore.”

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