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Rudra Severino


► 87
► Morellian
► 182cm
► 81kg.
► Blue/Green (central heterochromia)
► Red
► Coruscant
► Male
► Jedi Order
► Jedi Knight
► Yes, trained
Rudra is the father of former Sector Ranger and now Star Guardian's Star Defender Poet Severino. His Force-sensitivity manifested early in his childhood days but wasn't inducted in the Jedi Order until he turned 13. Rudra's days as a Padawan under his Master weren't as storied as his mentor, though he excelled in his studies and chose to undergo the Trials of Knighthood to earn the rank of Knight. The Morellian would then become @Haldir Eressëa's mentor, and everything Rudra learned from his Master he taught the masked Arkanian Offshoot, and more. Though their relationship became somewhat strained after Haldir perceived that Rudra had spoken to the Padawan's twin brother about their personal life, the two remained friends. The Morellian then met the woman who would later become his wife and the mother of their two children, becoming friends with her first after he helped her track down a snatcher who took off with her purse.

With his friendship with Imogen blossoming into love, Rudra decided to step away from the Order so he could make a family with her. The two were married a year later, and were blessed with two children – Poet and Muse. The happiness in Rudra's life would soon be tested when his eldest suffered a near-death experience while the latter performed his duty as a Sector Ranger. For weeks Poet had been in a coma, and though he recovered Rudra's son suffered from memory loss, with Poet forgetting all of his childhood and his personality shifting into a more saturnine and choleric demeanour.

Not long after his son's accident, Rudra's daughter Muse showed signs of Force-sensitivity. With encouragement from his wife and son, Rudra allowed Muse to go to the Jedi Temple on Ajan Kloss to receive training and guidance, with his daughter hoping to become a capable Jedi Knight like her father. But tragedy struck the Severino family once again when the Sith came to Ajan Kloss. Muse was killed during the assault, prompting Rudra to return to the Jedi Order not to avenge his daughter but to resume his duties as a Knight as a way of honoring the fallen Muse. His return to the Order prompted a shaky relationship with Poet who had expressed his dislike of seeing the older Severino leaving them instead of staying.

Rudra currently travels around, helping people along the way as any Jedi should.

► ####: description
► ####: description
Skills and Abilities
Lightsaber combat [*****]
Force Mastery [*****]
Unarmed combat [*****]
Diplomacy [*****]
People skills [*****]
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