Droid Modification `S3` Smart Ship AI Suite

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Jul 4, 2017
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`S3` Smart Ship AI Suite

Open Market

Blackwell Technologies

Ship-mounted AI
Power Supply:
Draws power from ship power

Connected to ship's sensors.

1.3 meter electronic casing

Alusteel casing, electronic code

Derived from Newton Arden's experimental RI-G7 AI Suite, the S3 Smart Ship AI Suite is a perfected commercialized version that works much like the same way. The suite starts out expensive, and can get even more costly depending on the size and model of the ship it's being installed on, generally getting most costly the larger the vessel, but the biggest it can go is either a heavy freighter or corvette.

The Smart Ship Suite is a sophisticated droid brain that can automate over half of a given ship roles, letting the ship function as if it were at full effectiveness with only have the bodies required. The S3 could man a gunner's turret on it's own, function as a co-pilot or as an autopilot if need be, but it can't handle everything as that stretches the AI's limits. The S3 responds readily to voice commands by the ship's owner and/or command staff as if it were an astromech droid and will carry out those tasks. It can for example if commanded to chart a course to light speed, the S3 will do it automatically.

Depending on the size of the ship, the S3 will require extensive time and effort for installation of the hardware and integration into the ship's systems.

The S3 Suites are are very customizable. Although the S3 normally speaks with a soothing female voice, it can be changed to something else. One also could give the suite a new personalized name for the vessel it's on. In addition to practical uses, it has some miscellaneous uses that can be explored. The S3 can tell jokes, set alarms, play music, turn certain lights on and off .etc all on voice commands. It has many other cool commands as well that can be acquired of they subscribe to S3+™.

This technology is new, but Blackwell Technologies was able to clear it's use in many systems in the Core Worlds through the Inner Rim, with other planetary governments following suit. Legal for the most part, societies skeptical of droids or AIs will probably declare it illegal.

To create a commercialized version of the old R1-G7 that anyone can use. From a RP standpoint, it's pretty much does as bodiless astromech droids do. Also, Alexa. In. Space.

Can not be equipped to ship classes above Corvette or Heavy Freighter