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Dec 22, 2017
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"What others abandon, we protect."

―Sector Rangers motto

The Sector Rangers (or often referred to as just the Rangers) are a law enforcement agency that is employed by the Free Worlds Alliance. The Sector Rangers are tasked with law enforcement on a sector level. While planetary law enforcement agencies are bound by their jurisdiction, the Rangers are not as they can pursue criminals anywhere in their sector and beyond. The Sector Rangers operate not only in Free Worlds space but outside of it as well, with a lot of them operating in the Outer Rim towards Hutt Space in the interest of protecting the interests of the Free Worlds coalition.


The Sector Rangers were first formed under the Old Republic. During their early days, they played a similar role in law enforcement in the Republic as they do now in the Free Worlds. With the declaration of the Galactic Empire by Chancellor Palpatine, the Empire inherited the Sector Rangers and referred to them as the “Imperial Sector Rangers.’ Even under Imperial control, the Rangers for the most part held themselves with integrity and were steadfast in the pursuit of criminals, although they were placed under the supervision of Imperial bureaucracy. While they were often tasked to pursue genuine criminals, just as often they would be assigned to pursue political dissidence and rebels during the Galactic Civil War era, with many during that time deserting the organization as a result.

After the Battle of Endor and the formation of the New Republic, the Empire’s successor state inherited the Sector Rangers as well. Many rangers that have left under the draconian Empire’s reign were welcomed back into the organization with open arms. The organization was once more committed to the pursuit of justice.

In the wake of the Hosnian Cataclysm, where the New Republic was thought to be dead when Hosnian Prime was destroyed by Starkiller Base, the galaxy was plunged into chaos. Crime was rising and the Sector Rangers were overburdened. Criminal groups that were in decline after the Galactic Civil War were suddenly on the rise. The Sector Rangers had to do what they needed to do. They lowered their standards and frequently requisitioned local law enforcement and other resources with their badge to aid them. With little oversight during this time it was getting alarmingly frequent that a criminal would found gunned down ‘mysteriously’ by a ranger when caught and without trial, and everyone being none the wiser.

With the formation of the Free Worlds Alliance, however, the Sector Rangers once again found themselves in stable hands as they were absorbed into the Free Worlds. The criminal underworld grows stronger, however, with the Five Syndicates taking advantage of what remains a large power vacuum in the galaxy. With the Free Worlds aiming to protect the rights of everyone in the galaxy, the Five Syndicates who practice heinous crimes like slavery and spice running threaten to scheme and corrupt their way into into the Free Worlds and even the Sector Rangers themselves. The Sector Rangers stand in opposition to them.


The Sector Rangers are a special law enforcement group. Sector Rangers are assigned to a sector of space, and are able to pursue criminals in the sector and even beyond that if needed.

Owing to their special status Sector Rangers of today operate functionally independently, although with the Free Worlds organization have oversight over them.

Although they are special agents, they are not above the law in Free Worlds space. Rangers are sworn to an oath to protect and respect the laws of the Free Worlds. Breaking said laws would result in normal punishments as well as the ranger being stripped of their badge and removed from the organization. Sector Rangers are also expected to respect the laws of civilized planets outside of Free Worlds space during investigations and aphrensions, although sometimes the rules and laws are bent by maverick rangers who aren’t so inclined to follow them when inconvenient.

The organization is headed by Sector Rangers Command, with headquarters on Coruscant.


The starting rank in the organization and most common. After being sworn-in, the Ranger receives their badge. Rangers typically operate in small groups of a couple or so people. Rangers are a diverse group, not just in species but in background, personalities, and mind-sets. Rangers are subject to background checks before joining and the pay isn’t that great, but the latter just means they aren’t doing this job because it pays well, they are in it because they genuinely want to be a ranger. Rangers don’t have a ‘uniform’ besides their badge and although they are issued a pistol, they don’t have any standard equipment and are free to gear themselves as they see fit.

Lieutenants are much like regular rangers, but have served for a long amount of time and/or with distinction. With this comes new perks, such as being able to requisition a small amount of resources and personal to aid in investigation or apprehending a criminal in Free World’s space. Lieutenants have authority over regular rangers

Part of Sector Rangers Command, the organization’s leadership, there are only a few Captains at a time and hold authority in the organization only second to the Sector Ranger’s Chief. A Captain is a tried and true law enforcement agent, is a distinguished individual, and has a tremendous amount of experience under their belt at this point.

The leader of the Sector Rangers organization and the face of it. Although the Free Worlds Alliance supervises the organization and the Chief is answerable to it, the Chief drives the organization’s direction and can run the Sector Rangers as he sees fit, with the Captains under him reporting under him and advising him.
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