Senna Torke

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Dec 22, 2017
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Senna Torke
Serial Killer

Name: Senna Torke
Species: Anzat
Sex: Female
Height: 154 centimeters
Weight: 52.1 kilograms
Combat Level: 1

Skin color: Pale
Eye color: Yellow
Hair color White and Black

Known Affiliations: None
Known Associates: None

Last Known Location: Vjun

Senna Torke is a suspected brutal female Anzat serial killer. She is, so-far, thought to be responsible for the deaths of at least ten individual on the planet Vjun in the Old Empire. Her M.O. is to kill her prey by drinking their "soup" and then horrendously mutilate their corpse, often beyond recognition. She also prefers to kill young, male, human victims between the ages of twenty and twenty-nine. She is notoriously sneaky and has proven elusive to local law enforcement.

Client Information

The client is Bounty Hunters' Guild. Therefore, hunters or law-enforcement belonging to any faction can turn this target in for credit.
  • The client is rewarding credits equivalent for the purchase of a single piece of advanced technology if the target is captured Dead.
  • The client is offering a reward of credits equivalent for the purchase of two pieces of advanced technology (or a single advanced ship*) if the target is rendered Alive.
A body is required to prove a kill.

*This ship cannot be a capital-class ship or a faction-specific ship belonging to a faction other than the player's faction (i.e., a Mandalorian could not purchase a Sith-specific ship).

OOC Target Information

This NPC target must be found through a plot due to her elusive nature. Please tag a member of staff in the thread below to DM the target; but be advised, the thread featuring combat with the target will be treated as normal PvP, with all of the applicable rules, and will be death-enabled.


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Dec 15, 2017
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