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May 7, 2020
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NAME: Sepiks Redux
FACTION: Five Syndicates (Pyke Syndicate)
RANK: Scoundrel
AGE: 34
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 188 lbs.

Sepiks looks like just about the rest of his caste if it weren't for his opalescent orange eyes. Other than that, he's a pretty average looking smuggler who's usually caught wearing his normal KS-15 armor and his respective blasters and knives. Sepiks is a little more muscular than some of his comrades, but not by much. His most defining features are his cyberntic forearms and forelegs along with his purposefully terrifying self-made Pyke mask.

Sepiks is an excellent tactician and enjoys using that big brain of his to end a battle before it even begins, or so to speak. Sepiks enjoys ambushes as well as sturdy defenses and has been able to pin his enemies even if he looked outnumbered. To assist further as a battle tactician, Sepiks is trained well enough as a gunslinger than he can pick up just about any firearm and use it with ease.

As Pykes need pilots to send out shipment, Sepiks takes great pride in his smuggling skills a hard time believeing that their are better pilots than he is, and his skills behind the joint stick to a cockpit can back him up with that statement. Sepiks is also a decent enough slicer and loves reprogramming droids to serve him and his people, and even with metallic limbs, he's still quite stealthy and enjoys pickpocketing from random civilians if the occasion ever arises.

However, though Sepiks is an avid fighter in close combat, he is convinced that he is weak and incapable of winning close quarters combat with another being. This is due to an explosion accident on the mines of Kessel when it was being raided by other syndicates. After losing both of his forearms and forelegs, he believed that his flesh was too weak and is obsessed with becoming more and more cybernetic.

STR: Mid
DEX: High
CON: Mid
WIS: Mid
INT: High
CHA: Mid

Sepiks is cold, calculating, and conservative. He is always calm and never raises his voice or let his emotions get the best of him. Likewise, he seems to always have a backup plan for backup plans for when things go wrong. This is due to his acute paranoia, which also makes him very untrustworthy of others that aren't close to him- Pykes included. However, when you do earn the cyborg's trust, he will fight by your side until he feels like selling you for money.

Sepiks is an ambitious humanoid, always striving for combative and charismatic success so he can sell more of the Pyke Syndicate's products as well as fight his way out if the deals went south. This ambition led to an obsession with becoming more and more cybernetic as he believes that his flesh in particular is weak, when in reality he just needs to do what everyone else does to get stronger and go to the gym.

Sepiks was born into the crime business, but was raised by his uncle on Kessel while his parents went off on their smuggling routes. During this time, Sepiks learned from his uncle on how to use and fire just about any blaster he could get his fingers on. In his early teens, Sepiks, due to his skills as a sharpshooter and a battle tactician, was brought onto Kessel's mining security team to help keep the prison riots down which he did very well.

When he was old enough, the young Pyke was finally taken with his parents on their smuggling routes and taught him all they could on piloting and taking evasive maneuvers. So, with his growing skill sets, he was employed into a small group of infiltrators who spied on and persuaded clients and potential clients alike to continue buying more and more of the Pyke Syndicate's products.

One fateful day, however, Sepiks returned to Kessel as it was being attacked on multiple fronts by other opposing Syndicates. Sepiks led an ambush attack that would've successfully given the Pykes the edge they needed to win the turf war if the mine he was stationed in didn't explode and collapse on him.

Sepiks woke up on a hospital bed, unable to scratch an itch on his chin due to the loss of his forearms, including his forelegs. After receiving cybernetic replacement limbs, Sepiks vowed that he would one day lose all of his unnecessary flesh so that he would win his next battles. Since then, Sepiks has been obsessed with droids and finding ways to keep his 'humanity' while still having the benefits of becoming robotic.

Battle Tactics/Chemistry (Expert)
Marksmanship/Self-Defense (Expert)
Piloting/Engineering (Expert)
Slicing/Programming (Adept)
Sleight of Hand/Stealth (Adept)
Persuasion/Deception (Adept)

A280C Blaster Rifle (1)
CC-420 Pistol (1)
Vibro Dagger (1)
SB-17 Combat Fusioncutter (1)
Computer Spike (1)
Datapad (1)
Comlink (1)

KS-15 Armor (1)

YV-865 Aurore-Class Freighter " The Nightlight" (1)
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