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Like all traditional Ewoks, the Sharp Stone Tribe believe themselves to be the descendants of the Great Tree on Endor. Of course on a more specific note, their founding was born of tragedy. Long ago a feral gorax was terrorizing and destroying entire villages and slaughtering its inhabitants. Finally a hunter named Tralac managed to unite a collection of survivors together to confront the giant.

They lured the devourer to the mountains, provoking him with arrows and rocks until he fell off a cliffside killed by the stones below. Inspired by how the beast met its end the survivors declared themselves the Sharp Stone Tribe and made Tralac their first chieftain due to his decisive leadership.

This legacy served as a foundation for the generations that followed who inspired their own legends. Like Knasta the outcast who became the tribe’s first female shaman by saving the village from a great sickness. Or Illat the brave that once disgraced himself by negligence before achieving redemption through slaying a fearsome Dulok chief at the cost of his own life.

Then there were the young Belim twins who led their childhood friends to safety in the midst of a great wildfire.

Yet it was in the year 4 ABY their greatest challenge appeared in the form of the Galactic Empire. The Sharp Stone Tribe learned in both outrage and horror of a village wiped out by the new invaders who then constructed the shield generator on the site. In addition the Imperial project disrubed the geological balance of the Moon in the form earthquakes and such. As a result, those of Sharp Stone quickly became hostile to the Empire but chose to avoid Imperial patrols for the most part.

Shortly before the Battle of Endor, Sharp Stone Tribe among others received the call for arms by the Bright Tree Tribe. Chief Wyki assembled his warriors and sent out to aid his neighbors. Accompanied by his son Narfin and nephew Pellak, they won honor that day through courage and cunning. Wyki personally slew several stormtroopers by a club while Narfin felled others with poison arrows while Pellak knifed and stoned his foes to death.

However, both the chieftain and the son were killed instantly by an AT-ST Walker when targeted. Pellak and the surviving Sharp Stone warriors avenged their fallen kin by luring the walker to a log trap where it was smashed to pieces. After the battle and subsequent celebrations that night the Sharp Stone warriors returned home and Pellak was made chief soon after by the elder council.

Ever since the great battle, the Tribe had continued its traditional existence with minor exceptions up to the present day.


Belt of Honor: Through an extremely honorable act can one earn the right to wear a belt of honor. It is not given easily and often takes many seasons.

Silver Feather for courage: Warriors of the tribe earned a silver feather through courageous actions. This could include slaying many enemies or saving kin.

Soul Trees: To honor their ancestors that came before them the Ewoks plant and care for special trees that serve as memorial grove. Some are said to be hundreds if not thousands of years old.


Fish Harvest: In the mid summer season, members of the Sharp Stone Tribe will go to the nearby river in the east to catch fish. For many it is an opportunity to demonstrate their fishing skills. The one who catches a rare type is honored by the tribe in a great feast.

Night of the Trickster: In the last day and night of Autumn, the tribe, especially its children take part in pranks against one another. It is to commemorate the legend of the legendary Trickster that once defeated a mighty host of duloks long ago.

Rain Festival: When a powerful rainstorm comes upon the land the tribe carries out rituals and plays songs to appease or give thanks to the spirits.

Bright Sun Festival: At the beginning of spring and the end of winter, Sharp Stone Tribe conducts a Festival to honor the sun, looking forward to the seasons of spring and summer.

Love Festival: In the second month of summer, couples and families are shown great favor in a whole week of parties and games. It is meant to strength the bonds of the tribe.

Tribal Insults

Bark eater- An insult that translates to meaning stupid.

A spear in the rear- Calling someone annoying or meddlesome.

Eat worms- More or less telling someone to drop dead.

Stone head- Calling someone an idiot.

Lower than a reek worm- An expression of being referred to as pathetic.

Lurdo- Another term meaning idiot or loser.

Tribal Expressions

K’vark- A Ewok phrase that could be used to express shock, frustration and horror.

Honeydrop- A term of endearment, mostly used by romantic couples. Sometimes Ewok parents call their children by that.

Shetai- Ewok word for warrior.

Jeerota- This the word that Ewok calls a friend of theirs. It is not a term given lightly.

Graks- A phrase to call a monster. It is usually reserved to describe a creature or person who behaves in a matter the Ewok sees as evil.

Luu- The term for beautiful. It has a deeper meaning between lovers.

(OOC) Intent: To provide some lore for an Ewok tribe that my upcoming character happens to be part of. In addition to give more story possibilities on the forest moon of Endor.