Shyrack Screechers

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Sep 13, 2021
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'Shyrack Screechers'

Jaspar Bardok

Faction Name
Shyrack Screechers

Faction Story
Created by Jaspar Bardok two years ago, it started as a way to survive in the Lower City of Taris, but soon the crime gang became less about survival and more just about crime for the sake of crime. The gang now has ten people in it.

Faction Ranks
First Combat Role Rank: Gang Warrior
Second Combat Role Rank: Gang Muscle
First Swoop Bike Maintenance Role Rank: Gang Mechanic
Second Swoop Bike Maintenance Role Rank: Gang Garage Head
First Leadership Role Rank: Gang Heist Planner
Second Leadership Role Rank: Gang Co-Leader
Third Leadership Role Rank: Gang Leader

x10 Swoop Bikes
x10 Vibroblades
x10 SE-45 Blaster Pistols
x1 Hideout
x1 Hideout Garage

Jaspar Bardok - Gang Leader
Cyrpri Atmmend - Gang Co-Leader
Daydam Catohal - Gang Muscle
Eugthom Bluclot - Gang Heist Planner
Casenea Bugfors - Gang Mechanic
Glenguy Avahea - Gang Mechanic
Grifayde Nobsti - Gang Garage Head
Gerkoby Harhas - Gang Warrior
Vindean Pittwoo - Gang Warrior
Tysotri Larcrib - Gang Warrior

To create a faction for my character Jaspar Bardok to lead, as this faction is briefly explained in his backstory.
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