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Mar 10, 2012
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Sith Scorpion

The Sith Scorpion is a non-sentient insect species, this species is known for existing within areas naturally attuned to the Dark Side.Many variants exist throughout the galaxy, with highest concentration being found on worlds once controlled by the ancient Sith. These scorpions are believed to be alchemically altered to increase both size and aggression. Sith Scorpions are known to be far larger than other insectoid species. Additionally, they are infamous for nesting in ancient Sith tombs or Dark Side ritual sites and adapting to the biome they are found in. Common planets Sith Scorpions can be found are; Korriban, Moriban, Ziost, Dromund Kaas, and Yavin.

Interestingly, Sith Scorpions are known to be a hardy species and capable of adapting to and surviving in a variety of biomes. The Scorpions only truly requiring a heavy presence of the Dark Side to thrive in a given location. Each scorpion has a thick carapace, eight legs, a pair of forward facing pinchers, and a large stinger attached to the tail. In addition, these scorpions have rows of eyes set up the back of the body, and tiny hairs that cover the legs, tail, pinchers, and back. These allow for the scorpion to sense vibrations as they lay in ambush.

A fully grown male Scorpion, or drone, is about 42 inches long, and 26 inches tall at the tip of its tail. These specimens are the most common, as they are usually sighted outside of the nest either burying themselves to prepare for ambush or laying in weight. A male scorpion can run in short bursts to chase prey items, these bursts have been recorded in excess of twenty miles per hour.

Female Sith Scorpions, or Queen Scorpions are far rarer. Existing solely within the nest, the queen stands three to five times the size of her drones. A truly massive beast, the queen is brought paralyzed and still living prey to consume, digest, and then spray nutrient rich excrement onto her still vulnerable larva.

Every specimen of the Sith Scorpion has a tail that is tipped with a barbed stinger. This stinger injects a potent venom that attacks the nervous system of the prey, thus causes paralysis and intense pain. Thus far, the only known antidote for a Sith Scorpion’s sting is the healing power of the Light Side of the Force.

Adult Sith Scorpions do not sustain themselves off of prey items like most creatures can. Instead, these creatures, as with most alchemical beasts, they sustain themselves off of the Dark Side of the Force. This does not mean these creatures do not hunt. Quite the contrary in fact, Sith Scorpions will hunt and sting creatures to drag back to their dens. Here they will keep the prey in an anguished paralyzed state until a clutch of larva are born or the victims starve/dehydrate to death. This is to create a further miasma of Dark Side energy within their nests, giving life to more sustenance to feed off of.

Larval Sith Scorpions do require nutrients early on. Being young and unable to sustain themselves off of the Dark Side, these larva are routinely sprayed with a nutrient rich excrement by their mother. This will occur until the larval stage’s third molt, at which they are capable of sustaining themselves off of the Dark Side.

Sith Scorpions do not breed like other scorpions. Instead, the largest males from one nest will follow scent pheromones of other female scorpions. These males will travel long distances, and will attempt to hunt for prey items to offer to the female and her nest.

In every case, the female Sith Scorpion selects her mate from a group of suitors. This is usually done through a two part system. First, any scorpion that failed to bring prey is killed by the female or her nest. After this, the worthy suitors will battle against one another for the right to pass down their genetics. There will only ever be one surviving male scorpion.

After this, the surviving male scorpion will deposit his genetic material into a reservoir. This is found on the underside of the female scorpion. Once this is done, her mate is usually stung and used to help maintain the aura of pain and suffering the nest feeds on.

After a gestation period of five month, the female will birth 40-100 live larval nymphs. These nymphs will reach maturity within 2-3 years. Female Nymphs are excessively rare with only 1-2 potentially found in a litter.

Finally, Sith Scorpions typically only breed at the end of the warmest months of a planetary year. However, if there are events occurring which empower the dark side in a planetary or galactic scale, Sith Scorpions can enter a breeding frenzy which results in a population surge.

The opposite is true during times when the light side is dominant on a planetary or galactic scale. The scorpions will breed less or sometimes go into a state of dormancy.

Sith Scorpions are aggressive. Being alchemically altered creatures that have evolved a sort of symbiotic relationship with the Dark Side, they feed off of it. This means they are instinctually drawn to empower the dark side on whatever planet they are found on to better the odds of their survival.

As with many alchemical creations, Sith Scorpions can sense the power of an individual. While the Scorpions are aggressive towards anything they encounter, this is doubly so for individuals attuned to the light side of the Force. In fact, it is believed that these Scorpions prefer force sensitive prey items as the connection to the Force can amplify the aura within their dens. However, it has been noted that powerful force sensitives (levels 3 and 4) seem to cow the Scorpions. In the presences of such individuals, the Scorpions will retreat until cornered or forced back to their dens.

There have been legends of artifacts that could control individual nests of Sith Scorpions. If true, these were much more commonplace in the Ancient Sith but have largely been lost to time. In addition, while the crafting of these artifacts is possible, it’s largely considered a forgotten art and would only impact scorpions created by the wielder. (One artifact would control one nest and not multiple nests.)

Sith Scorpions are not sentient but are capable of communicating snippets of raw emotion through the Force. In addition, pheromones are utilized to convey basic forms of communication to one another.

Large Scorpions that are ambush predators
Connection to the Dark Side which can be used at a rudimentary level (increase speed or hide presence).
Increased potency of paralytic venom due to alchemical alterations.

Sensitive to the Light Side of the Force.
Vulnerable to modern weaponry.
Only found active in areas with potent Dark Side energies.

It is impossible to tame a Sith Scorpion but male Scorpions have been captured to be milked for their venom. This venom can be used as a potent paralytic poison.

Some Pureblood cultures hunt these Scorpions as well. It is noted that their meat is game-y, bold, and spicy. This has resulted in it being utilized in many dishes for certain Pureblood cultures.


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I saw the Sith Scorpion while doing research on Wookiee for a Ziost write up I am working on. I noticed they stated they were alchemically enhanced but not much else. Decided it would be cool to expand on them and create a new alchemical horror for the site!
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