Sky Deen

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Dec 29, 2019
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NAME: Sky Deen / Fallen Sky
FACTION: she belongs to whichever oays and treats her well
RANK: An assassin for hire
SPECIES: human
AGE: 24
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: How much does your character weigh?
FORCE SENSITIVE: Is your character Force Sensitive? If so, trained or untrained? THIS PART IS MANDATORY TO LIST AND ANSWER.

Describe the appearance of the character, such as eyes, hair, skin complexion, and distinguishing marks, such as scars, birth marks, etc. Also be sure to list a height and weight.

ATTRIBUTES: she has decent mobility dew to her light armour she is close to awful close range often favouring quick escape or trick get herself of situations however she is skilled at long range

PERSONALITY: she is a bit of a loner often separating her self from humanity to avoid empathy this has made her a skilled killer but awful in a conversation or trying to comfort someone leading to people avoiding her out of distaste.

BIOGRAPHY: whilst she was young her parents got themselves involved in to provide for her as days progressed they found themselves trapped in debt so sent her away hidden on a smugglers ship with an a280 blaster rifle and power charges by the time they arrived she her first kill at the age of 12 and stolen a back pack her wrist was broken from the kick back of the gun. she had been forced too hide in the vents the rest of the way scared of being found and what she had done as she had left the ship she was found by the man who was getting the smuggled goods after finding the rifle he decided to give her a choice she either worked for his company or died there. Only 5 years later she was assigned to assassinate a Jedi she failed after he got too close for her blaster to be effective he gave her a scar to remember that lesson by during their fight for this failure the people who hired the company came and killed the man she was finally free but with no skills at anything else she took the company and its assets. And she's been running it scince.
SKILLS: she can fly but great at anything much other than using her blaster a kill a target. And getting out of situations
GEAR: light battle armour, a280 blaster rifle a few smoke grenades a thermal imploder and a poison pill


Has a few people related to the business who consider themselves her friends


Old r1 model called rust bucket


Whilst she has killed many people during her career she has never killed anyone too important(no player characters yet)


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Jul 13, 2014
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Hi there, the timeline is coming to an end on Jan. 4th, just so you are aware. I am not a moderator or an admin, but I noticed a few things about the profile.

  1. Work In Progress Character Sheets should be placed in the 'Workshops' section of the site, no WIP sheets should be in the character profile sections.
  2. The personality will need fleshed out more.
  3. Currently this timeline was in the old republic, so the R1 model would not exist at this time.
  4. I looked at the ship, and you did not use the technology sheet for the requirements, also no tech can be submitted currently.
  5. Your bio mentions an A280 Blaster Rifle, which did not exist during this time period.
I suggest reading over this Thread, this is the character rules and guidelines.

I also suggest reading over approved profiles to get an idea on what is acceptable character profiles.

~I hope that helps.