Mission Pack Slaughter House


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Jan 10, 2021
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Slaughter House
The Order has taken initiative against the hordes of killik invaders on multiple planets. Avast the galaxy there are planets and moons being hit by killik strikes. Not all the same forces that were sent to Thyferra or Corellia, but there are strike teams being sent to take out cities and bring strongholds on many planets. It the Jedi's calling as keepers of the peace to bring this threat to an end. In times like these, desperate measures are expected to be taken.

Now your Jedi will be sent to a planet in need of assistance and complete your taskings to successfully bring the threat of the Killik invaders to heel. Upon succession, the rewards for your efforts will make it all worth it in the end. Godspeed, and may the force be with you...

Mission 1Birgis Edge of a Revolution

As there are rumors of Killiks making their way among the ranks of the Resistance leaders, there has been distress among the main body of the Resistance's men and women on Birgis. The common folk have been started to worry they might be next at any given moment. Your job is to meet with the local leaders and bring the disbandment to a stop. Should you fail, the people in this local area will riot. May the Force be with you..

ASK (Diplomacy) | @Lucifrey Sol @Soren Rel & 1 other Jedi or Ally, Dice Rolled

Mission 2 BastionWhere's Waldo

Reports from Bastion say one of the commanding Generals have been compromised by Killiks. There haven't been any weird actions or unusual sightings on the planet just yet. The leaders, and generals have all been summoned and waiting for you in a conference room. It is up to you to find the true Joined member and capture them. An interrogation must be held. If not successful then attempt to rip the individual from the hive mind. The galaxy depends on you to figure out how to bring them out of the hive. May the Force be with you..

ASK | @Arctus Friers @Edaara Tonor & @Zakrym La , Dice Rolled

Mission 3Bogano - Under The Radar

A scout has come back from the Resistance Scout Forces letting them know of Bogano's current situation. The scout had noticed a Killik stronghold hidden underground in a hidden sacred Jedi Temple. The Killiks have traps set up to intercept any incoming forces before they could make it to the core of the hive there. Not to mention the already hostile wildlife on the planet. You have more the one threat there.. Find a way into the core and eliminate the threat without being detected. May the Force be with you..

ASK | [USER=19420]@Faen Akatosh @Lucifrey Sol @Sybella De'Mici , Dice Rolled

Mission 4 - Endor - Welcome To The Hunting Grounds

The Resistance has been secretly trying to set up a base in the forest of Endor. They had been silent on the comms, leaving no contact to Resistance or Jedi command. When a sudden Distress signal came over the net from the Resistance Expeditionary Forces. Being streamed galaxy wide... will you heed their call?

OPEN | Death Enabled, All Factions DM'd By the Scoob

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May 7, 2020
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(I know I already applied, but just incase)

Character Subaccount: @Faen Akatosh
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Having to drop from thread, I'm kinda held up in threads rn with Fynn and Draugr. It'll be just you two for now, and if someone signs up for it then they can hop in with reason. Good luck!

I can switch Luci from 1 to 3 if you all are down.

She already knows both Faen and Sybella so that'd be good.


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Not sure if this is still a thing, but.....

Character Subaccount: @Soren Rel
Mission Perference: Mission One