Something Wicked Halloween Event!

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Dec 3, 2011
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The newest site event is launching in celebration of Halloween, Something Wicked! Check out the new Halloween themed skin for the forum by @Green Ranger! Directions for changing backgrounds available: Here.

You've found yourselves on an uncharted world, bereft of long-range communication or support. On the surface all appears ordinary, but not all is exactly as it seems. Strange shapes move at the corners of vision, distant sounds echo without a source. Here, predictable reality is not the same as you know it to be.

Three landmarks of note present themselves, each with their own mysterious nature and circumstance.

An ordinary and peaceful collection of wooden homes clustered together not far from long grasses and dense forests.

A large, old, and long abandoned building far from everything else, reached by following an overgrown traveler's trail.

An ancient structure deep in the forest beneath the shade of even more ancient trees, foreign symbols carved into weather-worn stone.

Be brave and explore this new world. What's the worst that could happen?

No need to sign up! Post directly to join us in experiencing:


  • This event is DEATH DISABLED.
  • The event will be one thread with three concurrent sections, each with its own setting and DM.
  • Each character will start in one of the separate sections of the event.
  • Please include a header at the top of your post to describe which section your character is in.
  • Every 48 hours, DMs will post within the thread for their respective sections. If you have not posted in this time, the DM team reserves the right to handle it at their discretion.
  • Characters will enter each thread only with the personal equipment present in their bio.
  • Dice may be used by players - DMs might ask you to roll for action or events.
  • All dice rolls will be done using the dice channel on the site discord.
  • All dice rolls will be properly labeled with the intention BEFORE the roll is made, including bonuses.
  • All dice rolls will be using D20s, unless otherwise stated by the DMs.
  • The threads will be Open to be joined by any character for four days, after which they will be closed to new arrivals.

  • DM team;
  • Who do I tag in my posts?
    • You tag the DMs currently running any section you are participating in.
  • Who do I direct OOC questions to in regards to the event?
    • The DM team is available for questions and clarification.
    • This should be done within the event’s discord channel wherever possible.
  • Where does my character start?
    • In one of three specific areas defined in the thread's opening post. Everyone arrives together.
  • Can I join in more than one section using different characters?
    • Sure thing!
  • Can I join in different sections with the same character?
    • No.
    • The sections will be running almost parallel to each other - it is not feasible for the same character to be in any other.
  • I don’t use Discord - can I do my rolls in the Difficulty Checks area of the site?
    • If at all possible - use the Discord channel.
    • If not possible - make sure you follow the same rules; label the intent of the roll BEFORE making the roll itself.
    • ALWAYS link the roll to your post. Any non-linked rolls will be ignored.
    • If you don't use Discord, the forum dice section is HERE.
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We The North
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May 24, 2016
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Def joining this with @Aska Ryun

Not sure if I should be just joining a thread when they’re up but at work currently and just jumping at the bit right now lol

Edit: Crumbling Ruin, for what it’s worth
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Jun 27, 2015
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Signing up @Clove Vanhoop for the humble town (if there's too many humble town and not enough of others, i'd like to join crumbling ruin instead!)


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Apr 5, 2016
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Sigh against my better judgement, I’m signing up @Laeonas Tannaras for crumbling ruin. It’s hard for me to justify, but I need threads and this seems like something risky and stupid enough for him to attempt.