Somewhere, Scattered in the Stars

Herrith Hendarsin

SWRP Writer
Mar 13, 2018
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"So..this is where I sign off, I guess.

I don't know, I'm not dead yet or anything, but I just have this...terrible feeling about where I'm going next. It's's like my mind's telling me something, like I shouldn't be going where I'm going. It's been nagging at me for days..weeks. I've been dreaming, dreaming this kind of dream where...I'm just--floating. Nothing really, like a cloud of smoke. Empty, but free.

Allard...I don't know if you'll be alive to hear this, old man, but I'm sorry for being what I've been lately. I've just been..going insane. Again.

I've had an issue for a while--well, issues--we joke about it plenty whoever's listening, it's not just me messing around. To be frank, I haven't visited clinics because I'm afraid of the answers. I know the answers, though...but I had to hear it from a professional.

Full disclosure? I've got signs of PTSD, numerous mental disorders including schizophrenia, and a whole wealth of bad vibes about it. So--I've just got nothing left but my thoughts and--and I'm sorry for not saying anything. I know I should have but...I just couldn't. I wouldn't put everyone else through what I'm going through. So if I'm really going to die--like everything's been telling me...

Then I thought I should leave this before nobody ever finds out. My name is Herrith. Herrith Hendarsin. I have no next of kin from what I understand.

And I really, really wish right now that I did.

See you all...sometime.
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