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► Ryloth​
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Early life.
Somm was born on Ryloth in 108 ABY. His parents were interstellar traders, hopping from system to system picking up whatever they could, moving on and trading in the next port but always returning home to Ryloth to see family. Somm grew up on his parents YT-1000 Freighter, the sometimes-cramped compartments a truer home than the one planet side. Living on the move was sometimes hard for the small family but they made it work, supporting one another through hard times. His early years of schooling were through holovids stored in an R6 Astromech droid that his parents owned, whom Somm called Sixer.

At the age of 8 Somm lost his mother to a devastating illness, there wasn’t even enough time to get her to see the nearest doctor. With this loss Somm’s father returned to Ryloth and left the spacefaring life behind. The loss of his mother effected Somm, and from his young age took and interest in medicine and healing. It was around this time that his force sensitivity first started to become apparent. He was seen to have healing hands, being able to take away small amounts of pain from friends who had injured themselves, even closing a gash on his own arm when he fell.

Seeing these acts made Somms’ father more and more overprotective of his son, and over the course of years restricting him from spending time with his friends and eventually even going outside. Feeling his world close in around him and wishing for his freedoms more than ever Somm, aged 15 took to sneaking from his home to begin repairing his fathers old ship, which had been left abandoned. Onboard was R6-A6 and after the droid had been recharged the two set about repairs.

Travelling the Rim
It took over a year to repair the Arcadia and even then, it was a poor job, with a barely functioning hyperdrive, no weapons and a somewhat intermittent life support fault. However, the ship was ready, Sixer was ready and Somm was ready to leave. He never said a proper goodbye to his father, he just snuck out, boarded the ship and took off. All Somm now had was on board that ship

It was an untidy start to his life travelling the Galaxy, Somm was by no means an expert or even a mildly experienced pilot at just 16 years old. After almost crashing into one of Ryloths many mountains he eventually broke orbit and, with sixers help made his first hyperspace jump. This was just the first of many. He started to live like his parents, jumping from system to system, buying and selling or trading for parts to keep the ever-aging Arcadia space worthy.

He was especially interested in medical supplies or equipment which, if damaged he set about repairing before gifting to one of the many clinics that are spread out over the Outer Rim. During his travels he learned more about his own healing abilities, channelling them, growing them. It was on Utapau, whilst Somm was healing the broken leg of a Utai, that he first heard of the force and the stories of Jedi that had a power to heal almost any wound. The more he travelled, the more he asked and the more stories he heard about a resurgent Jedi order, growing in numbers. So, at age 18, after 2 years of stories and travelling he set about finding the Jedi.

Discovering the Jedi
Ajan Kloss, was a name that had come up a few times in stories and Somm was determined to find the Jedi. He jumped in system and was met with comm traffic. Upon landing he came face to face with his first Jedi. The stories he had heard of warriors, healers and peacekeepers were all concentrated into this person, this planet, which was to become his new home. He spoke with the Jedi who had greeted him on his arrival and discovered that his ability to heal was in fact the force.

Somm asked to join and was accepted. His time as a padawan was somewhat uneventful, though his natural affinity for healing held him in good standing with some of his teachers, he struggled somewhat when it came to the more martial aspects of using the force. This became most apparent when he went to craft his own Lightsaber. Somm struggled for days to finally complete his sabre completely, but he eventually finished it and was pleased with the result.

With his new saber and his training almost complete, Somm is looking to travel again, to heal the sick and help the weak with his newfound abilities.


Somm is a talker, he is more likely to try and barter his way out of a scrape than fight his way out, but that doesn’t mean he will just take a beating, just that fighting will be his last resort. He is thoughtful, empathetic, willing to listen to anyone who wants to talk to him. He has a willingness to learn and a good work ethic. Though, he is a terribly fussy eater,

Force Abilities


-Force Healing


-YT-1000 Light Freighter
-Padawan Robes
-Single Blade Lightsaber – Yellow Blade

  1. Training Spar ― • Ongoing
  2. Too cool for Jedi school ― • Ongoing
  3. Fortress Vader-Path of the Broken ― • Ongoing

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