Species Guidelines and Profile Requirements

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Dec 22, 2017
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Species Guidelines and Profile Requirements

Thank you for taking the time to read about the template for your own personally created species. Please note that ALL submissions require approval by an admin before they can be used or referenced in the role-play.

Please note that a properly completed template will have all fields filled out. Note as well that, unlike character profiles, a literary form for species is not an option. The template, as written, must be filled out.

The template is as follows:
  • Thread Prefix: Is your species sentient or non-sentient species? (Canon refers to an existing species in the Star Wars lore that you are expanding on, while fanon is a brand new creation. If you are seeking to expand on a canon species, please be sure to search the current and existing submissions before you submit, as another member may have already submitted a thread. If this is the case, please reply to the existing thread with your requested alterations and tag an administrator in your post.)
  • Name: What is the name of your species?
  • Biology: What is the physical appearance and make up of your species? Does your species have any special features or abilities? Please keep gameplay balance in mind when considering this.
  • Breeding: How does your species reproduce? How do they advance into biological adulthood? Are they compatible to breed with any ther race?
  • Strengths: What particular strengths does your species posses?
  • Weaknesses: What weaknesses do they have?
  • Diet: How does you species sustain itself? Any specific organisms or plants?
  • Behavior/Temperament: Does your species have any typical behaviors or personality traits common among them?
  • Communication: How does your species communicate with each other or other species? Is it verbal? If so what language do they speak?
  • Culture: Does your species have any traditions or beliefs exclusive to them?
  • History: What is your species' history? This does not need to be lengthy if the species is non-sentient. However, if the species is sentient, a minimum of fifty words is required.
  • Planet: From where does your species originate and/or most commonly live? ( if a planet has been submitted please provide name as a link to planet's write up, but note that you should not submit a planet solely to exist as a homeworld for a species. See the planets guidelines for more details. Pre-existing planets can be used.)
  • Technology: How advanced is the technology your species utilizes?
  • Intent: What is your plan for this species from an RP perspective? Why is a new species needed to be created rather than using a pre-existing species? NOTE: This section alone can have your species dismissed. Species created on a whim or for purposes to undermine the integrity of the Story will not be approved.
Please note before creating a species there are a few special rules and guidelines that set this profiles apart from the regular character profiles.

1. Any and all submitted material in this section is for the fair use of other RPers. That means any member of the site is able to use your species in their RP. You may not restrict access to an approved species.

2. Fanon species are to be submitted with the intent of actively being used in the RP. Species that exist purely as NPCs, as a historic element that is no longer used, or simply for background flavour, will not be considered for approval. Approved species must be actively used to an acceptable degree. If this is not the case then the species will be archived.

3. Keep in mind the galaxy is a very crowded place. If a fanon species does not differentiate meaningfully from canon material then it will not be approved. This is to ensure that any new species does not cover a role or species type that can be equally served by an existing canon species. Please research existing Star Wars species before you submit a fanon species for approval.

4. Canon planet submissions must respect the established setting, cultural and species information. The canon information must be respected in such a way that a new player is not required to read your submission in order to play a character on that world, but you may add information beyond that.

5. If a species is determined to be excessively overpowered, even after approval, the staff reserve the right to revoke said approved status at any time.

6. Direct and/or indirect copies of species and races from alternate universes or existing literary works will not be approved. Please respect copyright laws. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.