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Nov 29, 2018
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Star Sirens
AKAXim's Consorts, Sith Ghosts,
Average Size25 meters (82 feet) tall
Average Weight1100 lbs
Average Lifespan5000 years
  • Space Flight
  • 'Flute Tongue'
  • Emits distress calls
  • Force Sensitivity,

"Don't stray too far from a space beacon, me lad. Ye may hear the call of the siren, and then nothin n' yer noggin' be bringin' you home" -Stygian Spacer teaching his son about space travel.

Across the depths of Stygian Space, there are many starship graveyards. While some of them are remains of ancient battles or stellar objects unexpectedly interrupting numerous hyperspace jumps, some of these are the result of Star Sirens.

Also known as 'Xim's consorts' in the Satrapy and 'Sith Ghosts' by the Eternity, Star Sirens are a unique amorphous creature. Massive things mostly made up of tendrils and one long bone 'flute tongue', Sirens thrive on precious metals found in asteroids and, more importantly, starships. Typically white skinned, all Sirens have two unique traits: Sirens are capable of emitting subspace calls similar to emergency beacons and have a connection to the Force.

Star Sirens live on objects near dangerous places in space: orbiting close to Black Holes, inside an active asteroid field, within a nebula containing ion storms, alongside extremely active pulsars, etc. The Siren, with its unique biology, mimics distress calls to catch the attention of spacers. Once closer in range, the Siren begins to play a song through the Force that lulls and deadens senses of those in the same star system. Extremely weak willed beings are utterly compelled to drive straight into danger, while stronger willed people tend to lose concentration and get killed by stellar dangers.

Once a ship has been disabled, the Siren then enters the ship and begins to devour some of the precious metals found inside, leaving a husk of durasteel behind. Oranic bodies are always left behind. If the ship emitted a distress call before destruction, the Siren will alter its own call to match it. This has led to a few Sirens dying out because the distress call they were mimicking was in actuality a warning to other spacers.

Elder Star Sirens can be noticed by their white skin turning pink. When nearing their death, a Siren will often find stellar objects with weak gravity, to play their last song. After they die from age, their insides begin to reform and reshape into several new Star Sirens. When the time comes, the bloated dead Siren will explode, and the 3-5 new sirens instinctively go out to feed and lure. The strongest of the Sirens will usually remain where its parent's corpse died.

History shows no accounts of Star Sirens before the Great Unmaking. With no known homeworld or star system, leading theories in the Eternal Sith state that the Sirens might be the remnants of an extragalactic force, or even a biological weapon left behind to cripple future spacefaring developments.

It is unknown whether the ''Flute Tongue' is what help Sirens emit its distress call or its song in the Force or both or even neither, but they go for a great deal of money and respect with most spacefaring cultures. The problems they cause has led to high bounties for them within the Satrap and the Eternal. However, due to their tough hide of surviving several laser blasts and uncanny maneuverability, very few of these bounties have ever been brought in.

Intent: to create a space hazard for the Stygian Reach, as well as a creature inspired by the Sirens of Greek Myth and the Servitor of the Outer Gods by H.P. Lovecraft.