Star Wars and Crossover Possibilities


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Sep 15, 2013
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The setting is more or less an AU of the Sequel Era. In this scenario Emperor Paplatine remains dead, Ben Solo doesn’t turn to the Dark Side, thereby Luke’s Jedi Order still exists and is growing. However, the Imperium(alternative First Order) will be a factor in addition to other threats. The Imperium will be led by Grand Admiral Thrawn who secretly prepares them for war. Aside from that there are dark side cults are growing in strength and criminal syndicates running amok in the Outer Rim. I would prefer to RP OCs though canon characters can be npced by us but within reason.

But if you want to RP canon characters we can work it out.

A) Fortune & Glory: This will be a treasure hunt story sorta like the Indiana Jones series in the year 22 ABY. Your OC and mine gets caught up in an galactic search for a lost ancient civilization in Wild Space, rumored to be containing powerful technology. Our opposition will be a pirate syndicate along with the Imperium, resulting in a three way conflict. (Two roleplayers)

B) Saber’s Edge: Due to growing and distrubing reports of dark side cult activity the New Jedi Order launches an investigation into the matter. If you wish you can RP a Jedi OC part of the effort, tracking leads first in the criminal underworld. That’s where my OC comes in, which will be either a Mandalorian mercenary or a clone(frozen in carbonite) who will end up allying with your Jedi. The opposition is of course a dark side cult with various other enemies. (Two roleplayers)

C) Yub Nub: This one would involve Endor. You can roleplay an outsider from space that crash lands onto the Forest Moon or roleplay an Ewok. My OC in this story will definitely be one of the latter. Our characters more or less get caught up in some craziness with space pirates, local threats and dark side cultists. (Two to three roleplayers)

Then there this crossover possibility as well.

D) Contact: A Mandalorian mercenary (roleplayed by me) from the Star Wars galaxy is teleported during a freak accident to the Mass Effect verse. It will set be AU where the Reapers were all destroyed sometime before without sacrificing other AIs like the Geth. She encoutners your OC/s This leads to a galactic adventure where the two must survive in a post reaper yet still chaotic reality. Your OC or OCs can whatever you want them be along with their backstories.

Though I wouldn’t recommend a Cerberus operative unless they’re a defector that already cut ties with the organization. Alternatively this could take place at a different location shortly before or during the Reaper Invasion. (Two to three roleplayers)

For the record I’m open to discussing other possible story ideas set in the Star Wars galaxy. If you have questions please feel free to ask.