Star Wars The Circle of the Sith


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May 7, 2022
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The Sith have always had 1 Master and 1 apprentice. After the success of the Rebellion's actions against the Sith are all but extinct. Darth Yavik Thought different what if instead of 1 apprentice he would have 6.

Name- Darth Yavik
Side of the Force- Dark
Race- Dathomirian
Saber- 2 white Sabers



Bio-Darth Yavik was raised in the forest of Kintan by his master. He taught him the way of the Grey Jedi. Half Sith Half Jedi both sides of force in perfect harmony. As soon as he was about to become a Master him and his master were ambushed. He took on five enemy's at once. Every saber strike was with a purpose. As he was about to turn to slay the last enemy when he was struck with a saber. His Master killed him with a swipe of his saber his master put his hand over his wound he was surely going to die. Master Yakif started chanting in another language. His wounds started to close and as he arose his Master told him to come close. Remember the way of the grey. The light and the dark must always balance. You did well young one. I grant you the rank of Master. My ship is yours. Master Yakif said as he drifted away. After his Master's passing the power of the Darkside took over and Darth Yavik was born.