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Jun 27, 2021
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Tanaab Agroecological Cooperative (TAC)


The Taanab Agreoecologial Cooperative (TAC) was a public/private, quasi-governmental corporate organization composed of numerous farming, food distribution, and land development organizations. TAC was formed recently, in a new legislative effort to both spur investment towards Taanab, mediate disputes between family farms and corporate farms, and expand Taanabian business opportunities offworld.


TAC was not exactly a cooperative. In truth, it was closer to a cooperative federation or multi-business partnership; members were not individuals, but entire businesses at vastly different scales, who coordinated with each other to produce the enormous quantity of foodstuffs that left Taanab daily. In exchange for various membership fees, paid to a pool and scalable by organization size, members received equity in investments, access to capital, and a network of industry professionals. Members ranged from single family farms to global divisions of corporate chains.

Its benefits to various members lied in its flexibility. On the one hand, small farmers on Taanab now had a greater share of the local market; providing food and goods to other Taanabians and themselves. Small businesses were also bundled under the TAC name, affording them greater access to capital investment and loans that would be more difficult for farms traditionally of a smaller size. Corporate entities, in return, had largely unfettered access to their mega-farms on Tanaab; no more costly, endless litigation battles with each other and . In addition, having the official support of the Taanabian government meant that their interests were well-represented in foreign policy and the Senate. An unexpected benefit to all parties has appeared in the last few years, as well. Stability, in the face of war, plague, and crime; the pooled resources of the many members, deepened by Taanabian tax credits, have proven resilient to economic crisis and uncertainty. While in the short term, there is lower profitability, long-term stability has its own financial merit.

The various business interests are represented by the catch-all “Membership Division,” which focuses on solving disputes, negotiating for new investment and sharing information . In addition to providing foodstuffs, TAC also performs research, ecological restoration and terraforming. Businesses from many places in the galaxy could apply to join TAC, as long as they abided by the membership constitution, created a legal enterprise headquartered on Taanab, and offered a portfolio that showed long-term profitability.

While member businesses were largely free to conduct their business, the staff of TAC helped to coordinate with member businesses to bring products to market. Some members completely relied on TAC branding, distribution, and certification, while other members preferred greater independence from the TAC name. TAC was governed by a board of directors, made of rotating representatives from member entities. The organization’s Executive Director, Operations Director, and Membership Director managed the business day-to-day.


Primary products include raw and processed grains, vegetables, meats, and fruits from Taanab. In addition, they provide early-stage investment into new agricultural enterprises, ecological remediation, and land development services.

Members receive a suite of in-network services, including discounted rates on TAC products & services, quality control services, farm management consultation, networking opportunities, and complementary conflict resolution services.

TAC-member products and companies could be identified by their logo.


Executive Director
Calvo Speen (NPC)

Membership Director
Jamal RaKeNar (NPC)

Operations Director
Hisporis Tlath (NPC)


  • Taanab
  • Tattooine - ISCRA Farms - Acquired Here
  • Lok - ISCRA Farms - Acquired Here
  • Lahsbane - ISCRA Farms - Acquired Here

To create a site-friendly cooperative that allows a wide degree of autonomy to players. Characters can have farms or food-related organizations of nearly any size and pursue a wide range of business-to-governmental adventures. It also provides a larger forum for Taanab to share its great agricultural wealth with the galaxy.


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