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Feb 14, 2012
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What is going to happen in your plot?
Vilox Pazela has plans to set up several rackets on the world of Terminus. Having formed an unwitting partnership with a woman he met off-chance in a bar colloquially named the Lucky Den (ironic) Pazela wants to forward his own agenda whilst furthering the goals of the Sith Eternal. If he becomes an influential figure in the criminal underworld then so do the Eternal, and therefore some influence goes quid pro quo for both of him and the cult he now follows.

What other writers (and their characters) will be a part of this?
@Vazela - @Vilox Pazela
@MatureContentWarningx - @Lyra Mantel

Where are all the locations in which your plot will take place?

Please provide a basic in-character timeline of what you expect to happen. Include opposition type for each thread:

The Lucky Den
- Having met each other a few weeks ago on Terminus, and having left the world to join the Eternal, Vilox Pazela and Lyra Mantel return to the Lucky Den: where the two of them first met each other. Having acquired some talent for hustling others at the Sabaac and Pazaak tables the two fledgling followers of the dark side begin their con. Sat across from them are opponents from a wide array of different backgrounds, cultures and, with any establishment that serves the type of scumbags that pass through Terminus comes the type of men that wouldn't think twice about putting a hole in your chest.

Acquisition of fortune of credits and the Lucky Den itself: a small cantina found in the suburbs of Terminus' main city where backroom Sabaac or Pazaak is played, and where drinks are sold.

The Long Con - Hustling at the Sabaac or Pazaak tables can be rewarding, but not so lucrative. Credits can run through fingers like fine water, and sooner rather than later someone is going to catch onto your con. Lyra learned that the hard way after eleven years of moving planet to planet which culminated in her becoming lost in a mire of gambling debts and mistakes. But Pazela knows that sometimes you can catch a large fish at the seat, and when there's a mixture of cards, alcohol and smoke to dull the senses things become said, and suddenly you're granted an opportunity.

So begins the start of a Long Con that might give both Pazela and Lyra the type of influence they came to get on Terminus. But when it comes to scamming the wealthy or powerful comes certain risks, and if you aren't too careful you might be the one who may end up being conned yourself.

Acquisition of evidence of an NPC who runs shipments coming in and out of one of Terminus' spaceports which, if it ended up in the hands of the Sector Rangers, would result in them being arrested, or killed if one of the Syndicates find out their operations are now under investigation.

Gambler's Retreat - They have what they came for, and now they need to get away. With credits comes a certain type of danger which follows those who did the risky business to acquire it, however. The Five Syndicates represent the most powerful and wealthiest conglomerates in the criminal underworld, and they don't appreciate it when someone cuts in on the action. But perhaps Pazela and Lyra can get off world before they are caught?

Pazela and Lyra hire a smuggler to smuggle them off-world with the credits they acquired from their cons, and the influence they acquired over shipments coming in and out of Terminus. With this type of influence comes the acquisition of a free pass onto Terminus in a clandestine manner for future plots or threads, and perhaps even a means to smuggle themselves planet-side to other nearby star systems, and sectors. Smuggling operations could be beneficial to the Eternal's plans to purge the Galaxy e.g weapon shipments etc.

What do you or your character hope to achieve with this plot? What is the "end-game?” Link any items you’re seeking if applicable.

To establish some wealth for our characters; and to establish the means for small time smuggling operations coming in or out from Terminus. A foundation for setting my character up as an influential figure in the Outer Rim Territories.

Do you need any involvement of canon NPCs or faction leaders to be DMed by a staff member? If so, please detail who/what and for what purpose.

It would be beneficial to the plot of the Five Syndicates were involved.


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