Test for my new universe


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Dec 23, 2016
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So I had a universe idea and I would love to roleplay with someone in it. It has a modern setting on Earth, Lucifer has returned and is affecting The Earth slowly. This is not known by the public and only the governments of the world. Also, there is a man with special powers who leads a rebellion against Lucifer. Lucifer is not a reality warper and not extremely strong. This universe is about...eh 20% done maybe. Some side information, there is a small wheel inside the earth literally making the world turn both literally and figuratively and some aliens want it so a giant war breaks out and yeah with Lucifer, the guy I talked about earlier, the government and the aliens. This is not happening in the roleplay I am wanting. So the one I want is like a confrontation with Lucifer and the other guy I talked about earlier meeting in the streets and confronting each other.