The Bard's Songbook

Marion Espaa

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Mar 12, 2018
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This is meant to be a collection of songs written for, about, or with characters on the site. Anyone can post a song below, be it original or covers. I have only one or two, but I know I'm not the only bard on the site! Feel free to have a gander.
Venatus and the Shadows

It was just a week till Solstice, and the nights were turning chill
And the battle turned to stalemate, double-bluff, and feint and drill
When a shadow drifted northward, just a shadow, nothing more.
No one noticed that the shadows grew all darker that before.
No one noticed while shadows seemed to creep into the heart,
But from then the fight for freedom seemed a fool's quest from the start.
All the hopes that they had cherished seemed unreasoned and naive
Nothing worth the strength to pray for, or to strive for, or believe.

And the shadows stole the sunlight from the brightest summer day,
As they sang a song of bleakness that touched every heart that heard
As they whispered words of hopelessness, all courage fled away,
And they wove a smothering blanket over all, that lived and stirred.

Knight Venatus came upon them, and he sensed a subtle wrong,
And there was some power working; deeply hidden, yes, but strong.
And it moves and worked in secret, like a poison in the vein
Like a poison meant to weaken, this was power meant to drain.
Knight Venatus saw the Shadows, and they turned their wiles on him
For one moment even he began to feel his spirit dim-
But he saw their secret evil, and he swore ere he was done
He would stalk and slay these Shadows, and destroy them one by one.

Knight Venatus, Shadow Stalker, hunted Shadows to their doom
They turned all their sorcery upon him, turned away from other men
And although they strove to take him, he unwove their web of gloom.
So the Shadows fled his anger, their creator sought again.

Knight Venatus faced the Nightblade who had sung them into life
And she sang to him of grief and loss that cut him like a knife.
And she sang to him of self-hate, and she wove a net of pain
With her songs of woe and hopelessness meant to be Venatus' bane.
"So now what is there to strive for?" was the song she sang to him.
And the shadow came upon his heart, the world grew gray and dim.
But the Singer of The Shadow did not know the foe she fought,
Nor how dear he held his duty, nor by what pain power was bought.

Knight Venatus looked upon her, and he saw through her disguise
And she strove then to seduce him into death or madness sweet.
Knight Venatus looked within him, and he saw her songs were lies,
And he gathered up his power then, her sorcery to defeat.

Knight Venatus raised his golden voice and sang of life and light,
Of the first cry of a baby, of the silver stars at night.
Knight Venatus sang of wisdom, sang of courage, sang of love,
Of the earth's sweet soil beneath him, of the vaulting sky above,
Sang of healing, sang of growing, sang of joy and hope and dreams,
And the Singer Of The Shadows felt the death of all her schemes.
It was then she tried to flee him, but his song and magic spell
Struck her down and held her pinioned and she faltered, and she fell.

Then the Singer Of the Shadows saw her Shadows shatter there,
Saw her lies unmade before her, saw her darkness turned to day
And how empty and how petty was the spirit then laid bare-
Like her Shadow then she shattered, and in silence passes away.

Aliyah Phoenix

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Feb 9, 2018
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I don't go to sleep until the time I should be up
Late hours got me doubting on my intuitions luck
Might be kriffed
Hoping for a brighter day but someone took the light away

There it was but now it's gone
Carry on
Captured in the wind as if it were a song
Silence eats up all my words
Though I wish they'd take my thoughts
Am I wrong?

Devour up my heart then pretend I don't belong
Regardless I stay strong
Singing in the evening like the birds who wake at dawn

Now I yawn, time for bed
Let this pillow touch my head
Waiting for the moon to rise I think I see it up ahead
Search my way throughout the valley but all I sense is death
Lost my breath
Lost my final moment I wish could caress

But I'm not scared so I'll beware
How this could go all wrong and become my worst nightmare
Have no fear

The end is near

Gracious instability has got me thinking desperately
I need to find the rest of me
Dug inside a chest that's lost its way at sea
When all I seek is destiny, to destroy the evil parts in me