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The Book of Drast

"There are some things so vile that even the Force itself objects."— Unknown Author

The Book of Drast is a prize most sought after by Sith Alchemists for hundreds of years, since before the beginning of the Drast Dynasty despite the name. It is rumoured that for as long as the Dark Side has existed, the book has existed as well and certain myths featuring it throughout the histories of Dark Side using peoples would support this.

Nameless for countless years, it was officially called the Book of Drast after a Drast was said to have transcribed a copy of the writings into basic before sacrificing themselves to hide the book once more.

The Book of Drast is called such because it was an unnamed tome of ancient knowledge before it was translated by an unknown Drast in the last two hundred years. Said Drast, upon translating the text to Basic, immediate decided that the best thing to do was hide the text away.

This was after many attempts to destroy the book proved to be fruitless.

Locked away through physical and Force related means, the text has been undisturbed since it's translation but rumors have abounded that the Drast in question spent several years travelling back and forth between Korriban and Lothal, specifically to some very Force sensitive areas in the ancient lands of both planets

The lack of facts about the text as a whole comes from the fact that it has been without a name for so long and has been shared across several different groups of Dark Side users. How is unclear. For several centuries the text was, in fact, not a text at all but a verbal tradition that somehow found it's way into the minds and cultures of several, separate groups.

Almost as if the Dark Side itself whispered it across the Galaxy, across time and space, and into the minds of it's practitioners. A message sent for any who could finally bring all of the pieces of the puzzle together and have the stomach for the disgusting ritual.

The Book of Drast has one singular ritual within it's pages that was deemed to be too evil, too wrong, to be used by even the most seasoned Sith Alchemists. The ritual itself is vaguely defined within the text but it is said that through the use of a massive sacrifice the practitioner may dip deep into the Force and summon a manifestation of the Dark Side itself.

Some cults to have known the text before it's translation believed that it would bring about a cataclysm that would devastate the Galaxy in a way unknown to the ages. Others believed that it would force the Dark Side of the Force to manifest itself into a body that could be used as a champion to bring about the end of the Light once and for all.

None who have possessed the text have possessed the knowledge, the personal strength in the Force or the sacrifice necessary to perform the ritual so none can verify which is true.

To create a unique and terrifying artifact to be sought after by the Sith Order in their time of desperation. This is also bringing in an artifact from a previous timeline.