The Children of Alkis


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Nov 28, 2010
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The Children of Alkis


The Children of Alkis is a cult who worships and follows Darth Malicia. They believe that Darth Malicia is a Goddess that will bring an end to the galaxy some day by consuming all life, with or without her physical body.

In the religion, serving Darth Malicia with total obedience secures access to a "higher plane of existence" upon death. Further, if a cultist dies while preforming a task for the cult they will be elevated to a greater status within the "higher plane".

Within the cults sacred book, the Tome of Alkis, it is predicted that their Goddess will shed her mortal body one day and return to the higher plane in order to rule and feed from there. When that happens, their religion dictates that every cult head, cultist and initiate must turn their focus to the eradication of life before their own is taken, unless commanded otherwise.

Darth Malicia largely uses the cult to secure more control over planets, and to keep an eye and ear on their governments, assets and activity. While the cults beginnings was modest, it has grown vastly and become a powerful tool for Darth Malicia and, as a secondary beneficiary, the Sith Order itself. It has taken root on a large amount of planets (around 80 cultists per world they've settled on), sometimes recruiting government officials, nobles, influential businesses and more into their ranks.


Cult Heads
- Leaders of large groups of cultists. Cult Heads send reports directly to Malicia. Planets often have several heads but they are spread far apart.

Cultists - Full blown members of the cult who have proven their loyalty through a ritual.

Initiates - Men and women that work for the cult but haven't preformed the ritual to become a full member.

Recruitment Practices & Influence

On each world Darth Malicia conquers, and sometimes on others secretly, the cult settles in the gang-riddled streets and slums. The cult targets the less fortunate and desperate. They give them a place to live, food, a purpose and a family that will take care of them and watch their back, in return for total obedience to the cult and for accepting the religion.

Because of the nature of their religion and recruitment practices, Cult Heads understand that some people will accept and commit to total obedience but wont truly buy into the religion. Due to this only the thoroughly vetted and religiously committed members are allowed close to Darth Malicia and into lead cultists positions.

The cult does not only operate in the darker areas of planets. Once established on a planet, the cult targets and attempts to recruit influential men and women in powerful positions on the planet. The cult offers assassinations, credits if they're desperate, media manipulation, reconnaissance, blackmail material, destruction of competing companies or political adversaries, etc.

In return these men and women join the cult and commit themselves completely to both it and, above all else, to Darth Malicia (who is required to be there for recruitment of higher-ups). Cult heads tread more carefully with their use of the more influential members of the cult and don't idly command them around. Influential cultists are treated with a higher degree of respect in order to influence other more powerful men and women to join the cult.


In order to become a full member, an initiate must take a life of someone outside the cult. The killing must be witnessed by several members of the cult. Because of the requirements, is often ritualized by kidnapping a victim and having the slaying done in front of a group.


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