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Dec 3, 2016
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The Coruscant Blood Grounds
Created after the Exalted invaded the planet of Coruscant, the Blood Grounds are the repurposed Senate building that was once used to host the meetings of the leaders of the galaxy. Once a bastion of democracy and peace, it now stands as a blood soaked coliseum, where both the exalted and the criminal scum that ally with them bond over merciless blood sports where people are forced to fight and kill for their lifes, more often than not dealing with impossible odds and dying regardless of their weak, futile resistance. Prey is brought to the killing grounds daily, and their slaughter is recorded and shared with everyone in the galaxy that chooses to watch, their screams a haunting song that the White Lion dedicates to the galaxy, a mockery of everything the building once stood for.

The Blood Grounds are not only a cruel entertainment place, but it has also become the "home" of the Exalted and, therefore, the building from which Gareth himself commands their forces and boosts the morale of his brothers and sisters. It is both the most dangerous place on the planet and the safest, depending entirely of if you are part of the people that sold the soul to the exalted to spectate the fun...Or if you are one of the people brought in to die.

The Blood Grounds are shaped like the senate building in many ways, except for a key change: The walls of the convocation chamber had been removed, using the various administrative rooms that surrounded it to turn it into an even bigger chamber all so the exalted could build their own arena inside it. Depending on the type of entertainment they are looking for, this arena can either be used for usual gladiatorial matches or be set up as a maze of sorts, the latter being used whenever a exalted felt like putting on a show by chasing poor souls inside of it.

When it came to gladiatorial matches, however, it was a bit more "fair" than that, but not by much. People would be forced to fight each other, beasts and even exalted and monsters that wanted to fight. Most people didn't survive for long, but the few people that managed to kill an exalted or survive a ridiculous amount of time were usually chosen to bring to Hoth and become exalted themselves.

There's however a lighter, yet also popular sport being created in the Blood Grounds: The senate pod racing. While on the ground you can see people killing each other, in the sky you can look as people mount the pods that once belonged to senators of the galaxy and use them to race each others. The fun of such an event doesn't really come from the speed of the pods, since they are ridiculously slow, but rather on the fact that anything is allowed and they are given weapons to deal with each other as the match progresses, like a mix of Huttball and pod-racing.

Besides that, many details of the senate building have been changed, one can expect to see the walls painted with blood, the statues toppled over and vandalized, and everything being damaged or destroy to some capacity by exalted behaviour when they stormed the place...Well, everything except for the room that once belonged to the supreme chancellors of old, which has now become Gareth's home, the place where he rests and he plans his next moves. From there, he looks into the planet he had burned and smiles, knowing that many more would share its fate soon.

This location is meant to become the headquarters of the Exalted outside of Hoth, with Gareth himself taking residence there, as well as a place to use for social gathering reasons and both macabre events such as the gladiatorial arena and silly and funny ones. Yes, we are getting senate pod racing soon.