Artifact The Demici Coins


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The Demici Coins

— Family Heirloom —​

The coins were originally discovered during an exploratory voyage led by a Demici ancestor by the name of Asra. She had come across them during one of her numerous intergalactic treks and brought them back with her to Serenno. Attempts were made to properly identify their provenance, but very little was ever determined. The mysterious coinage could have belonged to a long-lost civilisation just as much as it could have simply been a trivial project of some no-name silversmith. Nevertheless, Asra became rather attached to them and had them fashioned into adaptive styles; the noblewoman even wore them during her wedding ceremony. Ever since, generations of Demici (both men and women) wore the coins in one fashion or another, be it as jewellery, a headdress, or even a belt.

Centuries later, a Demici descendent by the name of Lujayn obtained the coins via her birthright. Though once a respected Jedi, she fell to the dark side and became one of the many followers of the Sith Lord, Count Dooku. Hungry for forbidden knowledge, Lujayn learnt to imbue her very essence within objects so that her consciousness would persist long after her body had perished. Whilst most Darksiders typically chose holocrons for this, Lujayn instead used her familial heirloom as her conduit. When her death finally came, at the hands of Master Windu, the coins were returned to the Demici family. Though their reputation was tarnished, the tradition of the coins persisted to the modern age. So treasured are these coins, they have never left the possession of the family.

A dozen of pure silver coins, inscribed with rather indiscernible markings and they can be worn in a multitude of ways.

Rumours of Location:
Currently, the coins are in the possession of Jedi Knight Sybella Demici, the matriarchal heiress of the Demici family. She wears them in the style of a headdress and is rarely seen without them.

— Function.
Wearing the coins does NOT grant the wearer any additional power or Force ability. Instead, it allows the essence of Lujayn Demici to manifest. If the wearer of the coins is particularly strong in the Force, it makes the likelihood of the manifestation greater. The ghost's presence is able to commune with, and potentially influence, the wearer of the coins - they also can garner access to Lujayn's extensive knowledge. Non-Force wielders would not be able to perceive the phantom, but those with ties to the Dark Side might have better chances of seeing her than those aligned with the light.

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