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May 30, 2013
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The Dram Line

Mission Pack

The Empire stands at a crossroads. Imperial territory is fractured, with enemy forces able to move freely through vast sectors of space. Without action, our influence will be undermined and our worlds open to attack. The Empire can act to impose order, reestablishing a legacy that will last for generations, or it can instead fade into obscurity.

General Maximus Dram intends to act. Taking command of III Corps IAF, he has a a mandate to bolster and consolidate Imperial holdings by any means necessary. Devising a plan to secure several worlds on the edge of the Mid Rim, the General intends to lay the foundations for a line of planetary fortifications that strategists are already calling 'the Dram Line'.

Once begun, the Line will bisect unclaimed space, further cornering our enemies and beginning an expanding perimeter behind which we can amass our new war machine. Three worlds are key to opening up this new front and the call has gone out to the Empire's best and brightest to join the operation.

Mission #1 — Charge of the Charros Brigade - Charros [Ask]

The populous world of Charros is a ripe target for subjugation. Air superiority has been established, but the capital's central manufacturing district is heavily shielded and can only be taken by a ground assault. Join General Dram and III Corps planet side to overcome legions of hired Xi Charrian mercenaries and take control of the Central Plant. You may use force or guile.

Participants (2-3): @Max Dram @Jonathen Baize
Thread: LINK - Ongoing

Mission #2 — We Just Click - Roche [Ask]

The Dram Line can make use of obstacles as easily as planets. The Roche asteroid field is the perfect addition and the technocratic Verpine are among the best starship engineers in the galaxy. Persuade the peaceful hive mind that its interests align with the Empire, permitting listening posts among the asteroid belt and priority access for Imperial repairs.

Participants (2-3): @Cipher Six @Cipher Eight
Thread: LINK - Ongoing

Mission #3 — A Velmorian Vendetta [Ask]

The isolated world of Velmor is ruled by a weak-willed monarch, torn between calls to integrate the native Velmoc or exterminate them for good. Offer Imperial resources to tip the balance one way or another and win the the allegiance of the Velmorian court. Alternatively, call on one regiment of the General's forces to join you in attacking the capital Den Velmor, running the risk both Velmorian and Velmoc align against you.

Participants (2-3): @Murith Severan @Kolar Na @Rax Halligan

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@Alhon Don’t murder me but I may swap out for mission 2 just cause that one isn’t filled/there was interest shown in discord.

I sorry for abandoning you ❤️


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We just click is completed @Alhon. A bit on the shorter side since it's pure diplomacy, but we did use dice :P
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