Artifact The Fourth Shard - Shattered Crown of Palpatine


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Aug 20, 2015
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The Fourth Shard

A lot of people want the crown,
but they're not willing to bleed for it.


The Fourth Shard was removed from the ruins of the Death Star sometime in the past forty years. It is rumoured to be in the hands of a Zabrak Male, who has used the power of the Shard to carve himself a small kingdom on an unidentified planet in the Southern Reaches of the Galaxy.

Stronger than others who have taken a Shard, the Zabrak has been able to master its power of Force Lightning. Although one mishap has melted the King's crown to his head.


The Fourth Shard enhances the ability of ones Force Lightning to be on par with Sidious' immense ability in the technique, reducing the concentration needed for Storm variation of Force Lightning from High to Medium as well as extending its range to twenty five meters.

Due to the powerful and corrupting influence of the fragmented soul within the shard, only a Dark Side user at the rank of Lord can use the United Crown without falling under the will of Sidious. (However one of lower rank may be able to attain it but not use it). If a Light Side user wishes to cleanse or use the power within the Crown, they will need the power level equivalent to a Master to accomplish this without falling to the Dark Side.


To add details to the Fourth Shard of the Shattered Crown.

The Shattered Crown has been made to introduce a powerful Sith Artefact to the Site which can lead to a number of RP opportunities moving forward if someone wishes to claim one or all of the pieces.