The Legend of the Crystal Shard (D&D Diverse RP)


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Dec 1, 2015
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Hey there people. Some of you may or may not know this but I like Dungeons & Dragons a lot. I Have been running an Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign for about a year now and like the setting. There are tons of other ones I want to try and have tried doing diverse rp for dnd a year ago too. I thought I would post an interest check to see if people wanted to write some stories of OCs in the Forgotten Realms or in Ravenloft. I tried doing this awhile ago but figured I'd do it again for some more dice rolling fun.

What is Legend of the Crystal Shard?
Maybe you've heard of the famous dark elf Drizzt or are new to the world of Dungeons & Dragons but have heard of R.A. Salvatore. Whatever the case, Legacy of the Crystal Shard takes place in the far north of mystical world of Faerun. The isolated region is on the fringe of civilization with dangers of all sorts. Akar Kessel, an evil mage once bent on using Crenshinibon is no more. He is just one of many villains that may be referenced. Crenshinibon, also known as the Crystal Shard, was a devastating green crystal that formed towers of power and could command hordes of Orcs. It's legacy still to be felt in ages to come.

Now the north is nothing more than an unpleasant wasteland where only the secretive and brave tend to flock. Even one's allies can turn on them in the frozen far. The nights are long during winters and the summers can lull the ignorant into a false sense of safety. Crag cats, frost giants, white dragons and more call this place home and have done so before humans and their kind have settled it.

Feel free to show your interest by posting below or asking any questions you might have.
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Jan 8, 2014
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Am interested for sure!