The Level System

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Dec 22, 2017
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The Level System

SWRP uses a level system to determine the strength and notoriety of a character. There are four levels. Levels are reached by roleplaying, engaging in PvP, completing plots, and completing special sitewide events. Roleplaying in general grants a character a certain amount of credits which are cumulative towards their overall level. Engaging in PvP, completing plots, and completing special sitewide events are ways of accumulating additional credits and can greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to reach the next level. The following are the credits required to reach a certain level (Note: all characters start at Level 1, and credits are cumulative):
  • Level 2 = 500 credits
  • Level 3 = 1,250 credits
  • Level 4 = 2,750 credits

Levels, Skills, & Power​

As previously mentioned, levels have a certain effect on a character's abilities. Each increase in level grants a character a dramatic increase in skill, stamina, and power. The following details the skill and power differences between each level for both Force-sensitive characters and non-Force-sensitive characters:

Force-sensitive characters
  • Level 1: The rules listed here generally govern what is possible for a level 1 combatant. Although capable of holding their own in most combat situations, there are some limits to what they are capable of. Some examples would include lightning and tutaminis. Although possible to cast lightning, level 1s lack the power of a true master and is generally incapable of killing in a single blast and will tire a use much more quickly than many abilities. Likewise, blocking a blaster or saber with tutaminis would be exceptionally difficult if not impossible.
  • Level 2: Those who have mastered the Force show that they are capable of impressive feats in the Force and are able to more easily maintain their focus. Able to unleash devastating blasts in the Force, hurl large objects, and unleash powerful streams of lightning and fire, these masters are a true force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.
  • Level 3: Some of the most powerful Force users in the galaxy, they are capable of manipulating the Force in multiple ways at once. They can protect themselves from attack while also lashing out, defend against multiple incoming attacks at once, track and engage multiple opponents while surrounded with ease, or overpowering those who are not experienced (level 1s).
  • Level 4: Rarely seen anywhere in the galaxy, these individuals often head the most powerful sects of Force-users in the galaxy. Without a doubt the most knowledgeable masters of their orders, there are few who can claim such an understanding of the Force as these. Capable of holding at bay numerous opponents or pulling starfighters from the sky, the limits of these individuals is still unknown.

Non-Force-sensitive characters
  • Level 1: These individuals represent the elite of the soldiers in the galaxy. Crack shots who are able to quickly engage a target in front of him with speed and accuracy, they can overwhelm the average soldier of the galaxy with ease. Although unable to easily engage with multiple opponents at once, they are capable of engaging with Jedi Knights and Exile Apprentices with above average reflexes.
  • Level 2: After years of honing body and mind, these warriors have shown that they are capable of fighting through even bursts of lightning from an Exile Apprentice, engage multiple targets in front of them, and have greatly heightened reflexes that rival those of even a Jedi Knight.
  • Level 3: Some of the most dangerous fighters in the galaxy, these warriors are able to quickly engage with multiple opponents, even when surrounded and are able to quickly turn on enemies in ways that seem to push the very limits of human capability. Their reflexes have been attuned to the extreme and their speed and reactions develop accordingly.
  • Level 4: As rare as their Force-wielding counterparts, those who obtain a galactic-wide reputation truly deserve it. Each of their senses has been attuned to such extreme levels that many would wonder if they themselves can hear the call of the Force. Using their other senses, they are able to engage enemies without looking, move with speed, reflexes, and intuition that surpass what is commonly thought possible, and have bodies that can endure brutal punishment.

Levels, Notoriety, Influence, and Perks​

Levels aren't just used to determine the strength and skill of a character, but also how well-known they are and what they can do with their notoriety. The more well-known a character is, the easier they will be able to accomplish their goals and the more avenues will open up for them to accomplish these goals. It should, however, be noted that characters who do not make an attempt to roleplay with others, or stay somehow secluded, will be precluded from gaining notoriety regardless of their level.
  • Level 1 characters are no more known than a common citizen. They are known within their social circles, but no further. Just like any other average Joe, it can be difficult for them to accomplish certain feats. They will find it harder to meet with more important PCs and NPCs and they are required to do more work to complete certain plots, but those that put in the effort will find their work rewarded with notoriety and influence.
  • Level 2 characters are known throughout their factions and typically hold leadership roles of some kind. They have enough influence to start their own small groups and begin acquiring resources, but will find doing so only slightly easier than their Level 1 counterparts; they still need to forge alliances and work hard to obtain more notoriety and influence in the galaxy.
  • Level 3 characters are quite well-known. Their name and exploits are familiar to those in all factions, even though they may not be a household name on the galactic scale just yet. These characters are typically placed high in their organization's power structure and wield tremendous power and influence. These characters can lead sub-factions, rule single planets, and typically have enough notoriety to win meetings with important galactic figures, such as other planetary leaders or the leaders of other organizations. They will also find their efforts to do such things significantly easier (and shorter) than their lower-leveled counterparts.
  • Level 4 characters are famous. They are a household name throughout the galaxy and their exploits are known to just about everyone. Many are the leaders of their factions and are among the most powerful beings in the galaxy, either literally or through their political clout and wealth. These characters can lead entire factions, rule multiple worlds, and easily secure meetings with the galaxy's major players. Because of their notoriety, and often their power and influence, these characters also find it extraordinarily easy to complete most task and can do so much quicker than their lower-level counterparts.

Capstone Perks​

Level 4 characters have the opportunity to possess a special ability known as a capstone perk. These abilities are usually unique to them and give them a special edge that other characters do not have. For example, a Force-sensitive Level 4 character might have a capstone perk that gives them a mind that is impervious to mental probes and assault. A level 4 non-Force-sensitive character might have a capstone perk that allows them to know everything that happens in-character within a certain territory in the galaxy (i.e., Hutt Space).

Capstone perks are NOT, however, to be related to or give one an edge in PvP. Capstone perks must be submitted as Lore articles in the Lore boards so that the Staff may review and okay them before they can be used in the roleplay, to ensure they are not used to meta-game or give one an unfair advantage in PvP.