The Pyke Vambraces

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Feb 5, 2017
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Function: Pyke Vambraces

  • A bastardized version of the Mandalorian Vambraces, These gauntlets can have many built-in features, unique to each individual owner. The Pyke Vambrace armor function adds two armor slots for gauntlet-mounted armor functions, raising the total allowable armor functions limitation from 5 to 7. As the vambraces take one of the slots, it has the effect of giving one extra gauntlet armor function to those who use it. As a testiment to @Rafe of the Pykes whose background is heavily Mandalorian, and though he is not the first Pyke to use them, has brought the style to this Syndicate on a larger scale. These have become common among the ranking criminals within the Pyke Syndicate, and each one comes stamped with the Pyke Syndicate Symbol.

Restrictions?: Restricted to members of the Pyke Syndicate within the Five Syndicates faction, who earn this either as a rank up reward or mission reward.

Force User Compatible?: No



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Sep 29, 2011
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I’m gonna reject this. Given that it’s essentially a copy of Mandalorian gauntlets, theres nothing wrong with the tech per se, but I’d rather see “faction tech” that’s going to be used as a faction reward be something that’s actually unique in form and function to the faction rewarding it.