The Shadow Conclave


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Jan 28, 2016
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The Shadow Conclave

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”I now take up quill and ink, O reader mine, to tell you of the organization that has dwelled in the shadows for centuries: the Shadow Conclave.

Reclusive and obscure, the Conclave’s adherents strike swiftly and deftly before disappearing with nary a trace but a burning rose. We care not for power, nor territory, nor riches, nor the worldly pleasures that they bring. Our goal is — and always has been — to strive against those that would seek to gain dominion over all the worlds of the galaxy unhindered. Part of this duty also lies in the collection and confiscation of dreadfully powerful objects and forbidden knowledge, as they are far too dangerous for even the galactic powers to wield, much less the common folk. Finally, we provide a service to those willing to pay the price: blood-contracts, known to us as Oblations of Ash. We hold ourselves to a strict code, an Umbral Creed, which reads as follows:

’Thou shalt not intentionally harm, wrong, betray, or deceive thy brother or sister; this is the highest offense and is punishable by death.

When thou takest up the Mantle to do thine duty, never reveal thine identity. Protect it as thou wouldst protect thy life.

Ignore not the power that knowledge wields.

The Force, be it Light or Dark, is an instrument of thine will. Use and respect it accordingly.

The falsification of a Marked kill brings the greatest dishonour upon both the Conclave and thyself. This is punishable by death.

Follow the Conclave’s traditions; they are most sacred and are the foundation of our order.

Above all, strive to preserve the balance. Cause not needless strife, but do not leave the powers that be unhindered.’

While the Shadow Conclave once held many listening posts, safehouses, settlements and even fortresses across the Galaxy, now we act of our own accord. While perhaps our presence is more diminished than what it once was, some may yet believe that we have disappeared entirely. On the contrary, the Conclave’s tale has not concluded — nay, it is merely another chapter in our long history of blood and fire. Indeed, but what is a book without its beginning?”


”Centuries ago, when the old Republic and the Sith began to rise in power, many like-minded individuals saw the need for restraint — something to keep these growing forces at bay. These individuals, the first Reclusiarch with his Apostles and Pontiffs, drew up the Umbral Creed and lit the first bonfire. We have followed faithfully in their footsteps since that fateful day.

In the many years that followed, the newly-christened Shadow Conclave slowly grew in influence and strength like a great tree spreading its roots. Our name was whispered with fear amongst the ranks of our enemies. Our actions aided in the demise of the Sith Empire even as they bickered amongst themselves for power. But alas, few good things last forever.

While we lay triumphant as the Sith shriveled away into the north like a cowering beast tending to its wounds, even we had suffered from our conflict. Many among our rank had fallen, but our greatest loss was our Reclusiarch — and none remained fit to take his place, not even I. As the years wore on, the Conclave became lax from its lack of leadership, and many abandoned the cause as our settlements and fortress-monasteries fell to ruin.”


“After nearly an entire century, as the Sith Empire once again reared its ugly head and the Republic and Jedi gathered their forces for war, one solitary Disciple did the unthinkable. Disgusted by the state of decay that the Conclave had fallen into, he arose and called together the rest of our order, igniting the bonfire once more and naming himself, Huginn (@Shalken), as the new Reclusiarch.

At once, he set out to restore our order to its former glory, rebuilding old ties and claiming once more the sacred grounds of our safehouses and listening posts. Even as the Battle of Coruscant raged in its full fury, Huginn called us to arms, where we set free a carrier to act as our mobile sanctuary and rebuild our nomad fleet anew.

While many came and left from the fold, a select few were always seen at the Relcusiarch’s side: The White Lion (@Cainhurst Crow), a lightning-fast gunslinger; Nighthawk (@StratusGold), a sharpshooter in his own right; Jade (@Darasuum), a natural-born assassin; and Vertigo (@Vosrik), a Pontiff and wily trickster, Huginn’s right-hand man. Though the newly-lit Conclave often waxed and waned, these four were ever loyal to the cause, never once betraying or abandoning their Reclusiarch.

As such, I now bring you to the events that have transpired as of late. The Reclusiarch, seeing that the Conclave would likely never reach its height of power as it once had, declared that our order must take a different path. Where once we worked as a cohesive fighting force, we must now carry out our duties of our own accord, even personally drawing up the Oblations of Ash — a task that was previously entrusted to myself alone. While it was a simple decree, its effects changed the course of our order forever.

In one single night, every settlement, safehouse, and fortress was evacuated. Everything of worth was gathered and sold, the money distributed amongst our civilians as they were sent on to assimilate with the common folk. Should one manage to find our old places of refuge, they would find little more than shelter from the elements.

So shouldst you read this and think the Shadow Conclave extinct, O reader mine, know this and beware: a fire such as this, once kindled, is hardly ever extinguished.

For those emboldened by this passage, I bid you go forth! Take up the Mantle against those corrupted by power! The balance must be maintained, the darkest secrets of the galaxy kept safe!

Bonfire’s light guide you all.”​

The Deacon



The goal of this writeup is to provide a proper story-wise reason for why the Shadow Conclave was archived. While the faction itself will no longer act as an indie with assets and territory, I wanted to give people the opportunity to potentially align themselves with the Conclave’s goals and ideals by establishing its existence in site lore.​