Interest Check The Stygian Reaches Company (SRC)


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Feb 13, 2012
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The Stygian Reaches Company (SRC)
By Command of the Queen

With the discovery of swathes of new planets, fame, fortune and profit awaits those who dare to seek it out. Whilst Governments and Gangsters seek to establish Empires in the new expanse, those with an eye for a credit stand to gain so much more.

Established by Royal Charter by the Queen of the Naboo, the Stygian Reaches Company (known as the SRC) is a collection of merchant adventurers, each stumping up a small sum of capitol in exchange for shares in the company, and therefor a stake in the Charter to trade goods to and from the Stygian Reaches.

Few on Naboo, or indeed much of the civilised galaxy, believe the venture can prosper or even survive.

But to the daring and the brave, such a hurdle is their to be graciously leapt over. So, this thread is an interest check to guage who would be up for stepping into this new venture. Ideally we are looking for a collection of new, and established players alike, to step into the fray with new or not-yet-established players, and then head to the Reaches and see if we can make a fortune.

The 'plan' would be to set up basically from scratch, with nothing more than 'permission' from Naboos Queen to set off and have a poke around in the reach. We would need to find ships, crew, and more, and then head to the reach and try and find worthy and profitable trades, in goods and more, to try and turn a profit.

So we can expect:

  • Pirates and bandits.
  • Attempts to win over locals.
  • Conflicts (and hopefully deals) with local Stygian Powers.
  • Rival Traders.

And much more...

If it fails, great calamity and loss.

But if it succeeds, we could set up the premier trading house in the region!

Risks are high, but the rewards are higher still!

Let me know below if you have questions, or are interested in giving this a go.

Interested Parties

  • Nor'baal - Character TBC, Naboo minor Noble and merchant.
  • Volene - Cherisse Anay, Trader.
  • Die Shize - Gemma Muradi, Trader.
  • Narzen - Reeoak, Local Guide.

As you may have noticed I now have a lot more time on my hands.

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Nov 29, 2018
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Very interested! My Stygian-based character @Reeoak could probably help out as a local guide or whatnot. He is always eager for new experiences and sensations