The Trade Federation's Revival


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Jan 17, 2016
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The blaring crowd was nothing but an obsolete obstacle, although it was still annoying. Wishing he had a squadron of fully armed battledroids like in the clone wars butt that wretched Darth Vader has to ruin anything. He silently swore revenge, but first things first. He knew when the Trade federation and all of the other groups went down, it wasn't because the Seperatists were overpowered by the corrupted Republic which meant, somewhere, all of those battledroids hung offline and ready for command, and luckily, considering he was once a high ranking fleet comander, they would automatically listen.
So, off to the Solastice, his personal ship, although no warship, it held a powerfull shield system and an enclosed rotary quad cannon. He walked over to the ship as his three refitted droids greeted him. He walked into the ship and closed the door.
"All right, let's get this thing off the ground." "Systems ready, and liftoff."
The ship slowly lifted into the air and flew more quicly away from the planet. He set the coordinates for hyperspace.

"To Mustafar." As the hyperdrive turned on.