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The Untamed

The Untamed is a private military company located on the Inner Rim planet of Onderon, loyal to the crown of Onderon. They claim to be descendants of the planet's ancient Beast Riders.


Across the deep and treacherous jungles of Onderon, the descendants of exiled political radicals became known as the Beast Riders, tribal warriors known for their kinship with the world's untamed animals. The Beast Riders were fierce and ferocious, widely regarded throughout Onderon's history as the other side of the coin to the Royal Family of Onderon's Royal Guard. While the kingdom's state controlled the walled cities that dotted the Inner Rim world, the vast, open jungles were home to the Beast Riders.

These Beast Riders were broken up into clans, tribes, and armies—with one particular conglomeration known as The Untamed, who claimed to be direct descendants of the most ancient and respected Beast Riders. Ruled over by autocratic Beast Lords, the Untamed joined with the ancient Sith centuries ago to attack the walled city of Iziz. This experience taught Iziz's denizens, and most of all its royal family, the power that lurked within the jungles. From them on, the Royal Family labored in secret to establish ties with members of the Untamed, crushing any resistance within the tribes until they became a jungle-born arm of the Royal Family itself.

The longer the Untamed worked on the behalf of the Onderonian Royal Family, the more public they became. Eventually, the Untamed became famed on world in their own right, inspiring young Onderonians from all across the planet to join this thrilling organization. In this, the Royal Family saw another opportunity, and they seized it. They changed the Untamed from a loose group of derelict tribesman into a private military company, based and trained in the jungles of Onderon. Loyal only to the crown itself, the Untamed now take missions as small as bodyguarding to as large as open warfare on behalf of other parties, offering a substantial cut of the lucrative business of war to their royal benefactors.


In keeping with their heritage, the Untamed not only train but live within the jungles of Onderon. Originally isolationists that were hesitant to trust off-worlders, the influence of the Royal Family over the decades has led them to be more welcoming of outsiders. The majority of their manpower is made up of Onderon natives, but the organization is known to regularly accept off-worlders into their ranks and will, on occasion, travel the Outer Rim in search of new recruits. The Untamed do not turn away anyone willing to fight—provided, of course, they overcome the Beast Trials.

To join the Untamed, the requirements are simple: you must be willing, you must be courageous, and you must be at least seventeen years old. Beast Trials are held on a bimonthly basis in the ancient Proving Grounds, buried deep within the jungle and shrouded in mystery. Legends about the Proving Grounds vary, from Sith cultists to gladiatorial competitions, but the modern-day trials held by the Untamed do not result in death—usually.

Untamed hopefuls must prove themselves capable, both physically and mentally, by participating in a series of trials determined by the Beast Lords. These trails vary but are intended to challenge participants' endurance, strength, agility, intelligence, determination, and all around tactical skills. Those that pass are welcomed into the fold with open arms and are privileged to partake in the night's festivities and feast around an open bonfire. The next morning, their training begins at the crack of dawn. Those that fail are rejected and turned away without exception but encouraged to train harder and return at a later date.

The title of Beast Lord belongs only to the bravest among them, to those few Untamed who have proven themselves time and time again, on and off the battlefield. Presently, the title of Beast Lord is reserved for natives born into the Untamed, but the military company is willing to promote anyone that proves themselves. The rank of Beast Lord carries great weight within the organization, even if it does not carry the same responsibilities as the Beast Lords of old.

It is customary for the eldest son of the reigning King to be given the honorary title of Beast Lord, but this title is strictly ceremonial and holds little to no influence within the ranks of the Untamed. The Untamed maintain a amiable relationship with the Royal Family of Onderon, both giving a little and taking a little. There are those, however, that despise the Untamed—anti-Royal extremist tribes on the outskirts of Onderon civilization that believe the Untamed to be traitors and sellouts due to their close association with the crown.


Like any private military company, the Untamed offer a variety of services. They provide private security for individuals or private companies, bodyguards on duty day and night for the protection of key staff and the protection of company and private premises. They provide training for official armed forces in the service of governments, and they provide supplemental forces in the place of those armed forces.


To provide a private military company for the site and other writers to utilize, both in their story telling and character creation. To provide an organized military that would assist in the defense of FWA worlds (and any other worlds, companies, or characters that might contract the Untamed). To provide an additional source of income for the planet of Onderon. Full credit where credit is due: this is a joint effort with the amazing @Fine Dining Set , and he came up with the original idea! The Third Galactic War is currently Legends, so happy to edit that!
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