The Void Path


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Mar 2, 2022
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Part cult, part life philosophy, the Void Path is a structureless religion spread throughout the galaxy.
Its followers believe that all evil that befalls ordinary people is due to the Force, and its tendency to determine the course of life itself.
The Void Path opposes the Force, championing self-determination and believing that every living being should be responsible for his or her own destiny.
The basis of the path's beliefs originates mainly from the philosophy of Saint Kreia, together with other thinkers, sensitive to the Force or otherwise.
Different attitudes coexist in the organisation: from pacifists who celebrate community and mutual aid, to monks-like individuals who live in isolation in contact with nature, to outright terrorists who attack both Jedi and Sith indiscriminately.

The Void Path is viewed with suspicion in both Republic and ISC territories, while it is outright outlawed in Imperial territories.
The decentralised nature of the organisation means, however, that it is almost immune to dismantling, as well as being difficult to detect, given the wide variety of forms in which it expresses itself.


Uniting in some way anyone who has a particular dislike of force users, be they Sith or Jedi, or both. It will also be embraced by @Raanil Chal in the near future.
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This seems more like a personal creed than something that would have spread throughout the galaxy as a religious belief. I'm not sure it qualifies as something that needs or requires its own lore article.

For that reason, I am going to archive it.