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Dec 19, 2019
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Thea Baros
during the Force Eternal Timeline

S U M M A R Y​

Species | Human (Trenwythian)
Height | 6'5"
Weight | 160 lbs
Homeworld | Trenwyth
Gender | Female, she/her
Affiliation(s) | Teresian Guard, Xyla Teresi
Force sensitivity | Yes, *trained

*Members of the Teresian Guard are trained force-sensitives but are not on par with Champions or Knights.

...B I O G R A P H Y​

Thea was born and raised on Trenwyth. She discovered her force sensitivity at a young age, and once she was an adult, she chose to enroll in the Teresian Guard to attempt to become a Guardian. The woman succeeded in her training - excelled even - and eventually graduated and became the personal bodyguard of Princess Xyla Teresi.

...S K I L L S​

Combat | Trained in hand-to-hand, melee, and short-to-medium ranged combats. Predominantly carries and uses an electro-staff as her weapon.
The Force | Trained to use the Force to augment her own physical prowess and to be hyper-aware of her surroundings.