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Tiamat/Anat Asteria
Chief Astro-Engineer of Asteria Industries



BIRTH NAME: Lyra Durand
SITH IDENTITY: Tiamat, formally The Eternal
ALIAS: Manat, Hot Trouble, Anat Asteria
NICKNAMES: Mama, Auntie Tia, Dewberry, Queen of the Stars
AGE: 44
FACTION: Consortium/Asteria Industries
RANK: Chief Astro-Engineer
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 122 lbs
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Freckles, whip scarring (back), Lightning scars on abdomen, Shoulder scar
FORCE: Yes, Trained, Master-level


Petty AF

She can be 100% intentional to get under your skin.

As Darth Raze's apprentice, Tiamat was trained to be efficient. Not wasting time on long speeches or melodrama, Tiamat enters combat with one goal: victory. Over the years, Tiamat has blended her techniques as a dancer with her unarmed as well as lightsaber training to create a startling, but yet breathtaking execution. Tiamat is not shy from battle, taking up assignments from small skirmishes to large scale invasions. However, she takes greater pleasure in preparations that can turn the tides of war. Despite her backdoor approach, the woman is still dedicated to her ability as a formidable opponent.

Prior to her time with the Sith, Tiamat had been a classical ballet dancer with organizations of the Corellian Ballet. One of their top dancers, Tiamat's aspiration was to become principal soloist in Corellia's well recognized performances. Though she has left that life behind, she still finds time for her drills and routines which are incorporated into her katas; often blending the skills to adapt with her opponent, Tiamat creates a sensuous, albeit deadly, performance.

What was once just seen as a talent quirk, Tiamat has expanded beyond the galaxy's basic and most complex coding seen with droids, ships and computers. The puzzle of algorithms and language led Tiamat to the re-engineering of ancient technology by the Gree Civilization. After discovering a hypergate and access codes to activate the gates, Tiamat set out to find other gate access points to reactivate and utilize for the Sith Order. Tiamat's work has led to a new level of understanding within astro- and stellar-engineering and navigation and has advanced her interests in creating and altering coding that either enhance or create havoc for others. Tiamat continues to expand her skills by blending ancient technologies with the modern as she re-engineered the Instance XIII data-plague with Newton and searching for remnants of the Nihil path engine ships. Much of her research is done under her lab: Asteria Industries. Her work has been recognized by Scientific Galactica. Tiamat's latest work had lead her to the resurrection of the Path Engine. Able to fill in the unknowns with her own knowledge of alternative travel from ancient civilizations, she was able to bring back the Path Engine in her continued effort to revolutionize hyperspace travel.

Tiamat has refined her abilities in the dark side of the Force from simple manipulation and altering of her environment, to more detrimental and invasive power to corrupt the minds and bodies of her enemies. Tiamat has continued to grow in her power by incorporating the Force in nearly every aspect of her life from how she carries herself to her engineering work and the redevelopment of the hypergates and astro-travel. Some more specialized techniques where the Sith woman excels include navigating ships through space and technological manipulation; Tiamat was also taught Force of Will by Emryc, that has only been broken so far by the Entity and the Eternal. Now as she breaks from the dark creature's grasp, her mental walls are refortified to withstand mental attacks at her strength. However, the stain of the Eternal still remains with the woman.
Secret Baker

Despite her eating habits, she does very well at baking.

Less Common

Theia Durand: Daughter, doesn't want to admit she inherited her worse habits, will turn the galaxy to ash if anything happened to her.
Emryc Throne: Trained her, smells good, one of the few she fully trusts.
Darth Raze: Trained her, released him to save Emryc; she loved him, not Emryc and now is conflicted.
Jaikus Throne: Maybe wants to kill him on her bad days, however, he is able to serenade her with science and she forgives him for his (unreal) transgressions.
Ezra & Jayna Throne: Watched them grow up and deeply cares for them as though they were her own children. She is known as "Auntie Tia" and would do just about anything for them.
Renfry/Darth Andruil: Literal Warrior Queen and Sith Empress, and sister; Tia mourns for her passing.
Arla: Frequently referred to as Renfry.
Byron Ryker: Missing 1/16th of body, went dark side, now extra crispy and dead.
Artorigas Wessex/Darth Caelestis: Fancy pants with fancy parties, but now he's dead too.
Morgan Ali/Darth Stolas: Unfriended and unalived.
Lord Draugr: Respected Warrior. But didn't call her back, so def not respected in other ways. Heard he died in an embarrassing fashion.
Crix Aran: Did not like how the Jedi used him on the Holonet; liked to pretend she wasn't a sith for his coffee dates, but turned out to be like everyone else, judging her after he learned about her Eternal connection. Possibly Mommy issues, now crispy and dead.
Newton Arden: Likes geek things too, finds trouble easily.
Deva: She's cool, until things got awkward on Serenno.
Vahliri Kahtal: A hot headed Sith Master that Tiamat respects for her finesse, but probably enemies now.
Wodan: She knows about his acolyte dare, can tolerate him. Probably an enemy now.
Altair Din: Beat up his master for giving him wildfire, turned her down to finish his training. Doesn't turn her down for an adventure and is genuine. Broke her heart, but was conflicted until he killed her bff.
Varyn Atrix: He's chill, 10/10 will adventure with again, jk, he will probably kill her for traitoring.
Alexandria Voran: Annoying.



Life for Tiamat (Lyra) had spiraled into uncertainty during her early teens. An only child, Lyra was the focus of her parent's love and affection. Family life was not always easy for the Rangers and their daughter, but they made it work, settling on Corellia to give their daughter as normal life as they could provide as a cop family. Lyra thrived with her schooling and friendships even when her parents faced the dangers in their line of work. The chance that they would not come home had always existed and it when it came time that they did not come home, Lyra was not ready for the hurt, pain and sadness she would experience.

After the Corellian Station Execution, Lyra was sent to live with relatives, but never felt she was accepted into their family. Bullied by her cousins, she one day fought back. Easily overwhelmed and out-strengthen, she earned a trip to the emergency room and was barred from returning. Instead, Lyra was sent to live on a world far from what she knew in an orphanage on Andara where she did not adjusted to her new life. Running away was a frequent problem for the teen, but in a galaxy that has seemed to take everything from her, there was little regard for the rules of others.

Teen Angst


The Acolyte

The Marauder

Sith Lord

The Eternal

Sith Master

New Beginning

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