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Born in the ad-hoc medbay of an Ossein cargo hauler making the run up the Hydian, Tycho Denarii's earliest memories are of recycled air, the hum of the engines through the deck beneath his feet, and the streaking starlines and whorls of hyperspace through the viewport. The first eight years of his life were spent on ships and orbiting space-stations, only rarely being allowed to venture to the worlds below when his father would leave the fleet to meet with prospective clients. His people were a dying culture and Tycho's grandfather Behr, the Noyon of the Star Dragon Fleet, made sure that Tycho and his siblings were raised with the traditions and stories of the Ossein as part of their every day life. It was a hard life, constantly traversing the hyperlanes looking for work to keep the ships of the Fleet in operable condition, but it was a good one.

And then the Zygerrian's attacked.

When Tycho was nine years old a rendezvous to pick up materials for delivery to the Corporate Sector turned out to be a trap, and while the majority of the fleet escaped their ship's hyperdrive was damaged and they could not make the jump. The ship was boarded, his father's droid L4-R1 was shot trying to defend Tycho and his siblings, and the family was taken to Nal Hutta to be sold off in auction. Purchased by Nor'baal Desilijic Fa'athra, Tycho was split up from his family and set to work as a maintenance worker aboard the Hutt's pleasure yacht, his small size allowing him to crawl through the ducts or walls of the ship and access maintenance panels and make repairs. He didn't require much training, sometimes when he held the hand-me down tools afforded to him with his bare hands he would get flashes of knowledge, memories not his own, and almost felt as if something was guiding his hands as he made repairs. The memories of violence and death he would receive when cleaning stains or repairing blaster scouring frightened him deeply and he soon began wearing gloves at all times. As the years passed he would occasionally catch sight of his older brother or father moving cargo on and off the ship when they made port at one of the Hutt's holdings, but could never escape his overseer long enough to speak with them; of his mother and sister, he heard nothing. Life continued in this manner until Tycho fell through a loose panel into The Pit, a sand-covered ring where the Hutt would pit "gladiators" that had displeased Nor'baal against the fiercest beasts from his menagerie - at the time it was occupied by a Gotal who'd been found skimming off of the Hutt's supply to feed his own glitterstim addiction armed with a wooden sword and a half-starved nexu. While Tycho would not be able to recall how he got the sword or the twenty minutes of sheer adrenaline fueled terror that followed, the Hutt was so entertained by his mad dash to avoid the Nexu's claws that he moved Tycho from maintenance to the menagerie, caring for beasts one day and being dropped into their enclosure to see how long he'd survive the next; the Hutt even began almost fondly calling him "Akk Boy" after he managed to befriend a half-blind Akk Dog in the menagerie that came to his defense against a Corellian Sand Panther.

The regard of a Hutt is a dangerous thing to have, but even more dangerous to lose and so Tycho did his best to keep Nor'baal entertained. The very first night he was allowed off the ship and into the palace as a reward for surviving ten minutes with the Hutt's rancor he found his mother working in the kitchens; it was a short but tearful reunion and she made him promise that if he found a way to escape that he take it and never look back. That chance for freedom arrived when Tycho was thirteen; during a trip to the marketplace looking for medicine to treat a bad case of sand fleas running through the menagerie he was approached by a hooded Mirialan that introduced herself as Jedi Master Lynarra Undomiel, who said that she had a feeling she was meant to find her next student on Nar Shaddaa and believed it was him. She claimed that he was strong in the Force and that a choice lay before him; to stay on Nar Shaddaa and try to find a way to free his family, or to answer the call of the Force and accept her teachings to become a Jedi. Remembering his mother's words and the promise she'd forced him to make, Tycho made his decision and left the crumpled slave collar and his old life behind to begin his training.

Sometimes, he wondered if he'd made the wrong one.

Within a year of beginning his training the Sith made their return to the Galaxy and the days of learning meditation in the gardens of Ajan Kloss and practicing katas with the other initiates and Padawans were forgotten in favor of combat drills, piloting sims, and aid missions that more oft than not turned into pitched battles. Tycho's knack with mechanics and skill behind the controls of a ship more often than not were in demand for the evacuations and relief efforts as the Sith cut a bloody swathe across the galaxy. In the shadow of war and death Tycho learned to wield the Force and his lightsaber while clinging to the Code and transcripts of sacred text learned by the light of hyperspace through the transparisteel as they moved from battle to battle, victories and defeats colliding in a meaningless blender of bodies and darkness. Master Undomiel would tell stories about her own padawanship, of the friendships made and bonds forged on shattered landscapes brimming with new life. It was difficult, comparing his journey as a War Padawan to the stories that she'd tell, but even in the midst of darkness she would always try to find moments of peace and light to brighten his spirits.

One such silver lining was being reunited with his Grandfather and the rest of the Star Dragon Fleet near Ossus, as well as his father's old droid companion L4. It grieved Behr Noyon to hear that his daughter's family was still held in bondage, but he was overjoyed to have Tycho returned from the grave. While the wars with the Sith and the new Empire took precedence, Master Undomiel always seemed to find a chance for them to look into any news of his family when a mission brought them to Hutt Space and, with his grandfather's aid, the Master-Padawan pair disguised themselves with Convor masks and orchestrated a daring raid on one of Nor'baal's many spice processing plants - freeing the slaves working within and burning the warehouse to the ground after making off with the medicinal spice. They were careful to never use their lightsabers during the operations in Hutt Space and it was here that Tycho's education in slicing took off. For a time he was content, feeling that he and his Master may not be making a dent in the dark shadow cast by the Sith but at least they were doing some good.

On the ground during the Battle of Denon he and his Master were part of a four man team of Jedi tasked with escorting a group of civilians out of the warzone. Confronted by a large group of Imperial Soldiers and a trio of Sith Warriors, the masters ordered their Padawans to defend the refugees before engaging the Sith. The fight became a chaotic melee, the soldiers firing on the refugees while Tycho and his fellow Padawan struggled to rush them into the safety of the sewers while deflecting blaster bolts. Tycho, desperate to ease the assault, used the Force to pull part of the neighboring building down ontop of the soldiers as they moved in for the kill and through the haze of smoke was forced to watch helplessly as one of the Sith ran Master Undomiel through from behind while she fended off another. With a cry Tycho leapt into the fray, the battlefield becoming a hurricane of rubble as he began crossing blades with the pair of Sith while pelting them with stone and shattered brick - pushes and pulls of telekinetic force buffeting them and throwing off their balance as the padawan fought to keep them from striking the deathblow on his fallen Master. The one she'd been fighting fell first, a pull and slash technique leaving him open to Tycho's blue blade carving a line through his chest; now able to focus on the Sith who'd stabbed her in the back Tycho let loose with a barrage of stone and telekinetic blows, driving the Sith back into the wall until he fell to his knees, the Padawan's blade at his throat close enough to singe the flesh. Chest heaving, blood streaming from his nose from the exertion, Tycho fought down the urge to behead the man who'd stabbed his Master and demanded their surrender.

A powerful sleep suggestion and a pair of stun cuffs later Tycho rushed to Master Undomiel's side, but the wound was mortal. The other Master, a massive Whipid named Koruk, stood beside the kneeling Padawan and told the Mirialan Master what he'd witnessed; how her Padawan fought with grace, fought with strength, and showed restraint in victory. Smiling with bloodied lips, Lynarra whispered how proud she was and, with a shaking hand, passed her lightsaber to the Whipid master. Tycho's eyes never left hers as the snap-hiss of his master's lightsaber echoed through the silent street and covered her in golden light.

"By the right of the Council... by the Will of the Force. Tycho Denarii... rise, Jedi Knight."

As the lightsaber was extinguished Lynarra Undomiel breathed her last, her warm presence vanishing into the eddies of the Force. Accepting her saber from Master Koruk, Tycho clipped it to his belt and rose on unsteady feet with his master's body in his arms. A shuttle arrived to take the Sith prisoner away and carry the wounded to the Medi-Center, taking his master's body with it to be prepared for the funeral rites. Watching the light from the engines of the ship fade as it climbed into the smoke-filled sky, Knight Tycho Denarii turned and climbed aboard the transport leading to the next battle zone. "Luminous beings are we..." he murmured under his breath, silently promising that he would mourn when the peace his Master had fought and died for was achieved.

Seven years of war, plague and darkness later, Tycho was no closer to finding that peace; and the list of people to mourn had only grown longer.

Tycho Denarii is a deeply introspective individual, the brushes of other's lives he sees with his Psychometry giving him a uniquely empathetic window into the experience and struggles of others. He tends to hide his more sensitive side from all but his closest companions, putting up a front of easy humor, bold swagger, and charm one would expect from a smuggler rather than a Jedi. He cares deeply for the plight of others and is often the first to volunteer for any mission involving refugee aid or protection. Still, he struggles deeply with his anger toward the Hutts and the crime of slavery and never passes on a chance to cause chaos for Nor'baal and the other syndicates with his Convor mask disguise, still searching for news of the family he'd left behind.

Tycho's reunion with his Grandfather's fleet has given him the chance to hone his skills as both a pilot and a mechanic and while he is officially on Jedi Business he's always up to deliver supplies or help with the aging fleet as they traverse the hyperlanes. His slicing skills have also improved immensely and, along with his talent for Psychometry, Tycho has proven himself to be a skilled investigator off the battlefield. He also has a fondness for sabaac, the ever-shifting nature of the cards making it mostly fair for him to play despite his Jedi senses and the need to disguise his connection to the Jedi while conducting operations in Hutt Space has given him plenty of practice with his blaster and an Adumari Blastsword gifted to him by his grandfather.

Wearing his armored flight suit and coat with a sword across his back and a blaster on his thigh, lightsaber disguised on his belt as mechanics tools, someone without the ability to feel the Force would never guess that they were looking at a Jedi instead of some scoundrel spacer.


Tycho is blessed (or cursed depending on his mood when you ask) with the rare skill of Psychometry, and is rather talented at picking up echoes and impressions from items and his surroundings. He is careful to wear gloves though as the ability does often cause severe headaches and the occassional nosebleed; it's also just polite for not snooping on people. He also has a talent for telekinesis and aerokinesis and as a practitioner of Niman and Soresu, when Tycho enters the battlefield, he makes use of both abilities to put enemies off balance or turn the battlefield into a whirlwind of gusts, telekinetic blows, and rubble while striking and defending with his saber.

His time in the Hutt's Menagerie gave him plenty of chances to unconsciously bond with all manner of creatures, an unknowing application of Animal Bond that he's worked to cultivate in the years since. His work in Hutt Space, on the other hand, has given him ample opportunities to practice abilities such as the Jedi Mind Trick to get past weak-minded guards, Force Cloak to hide his presence as he tries to help as many people escape slavery as possible, and Disable Droid to get past droids and electronic locks and countermeasures.

Like all Jedi, Tycho has been trained to enhance his body and movements with the Force and his ability to sense things in the Force has also been honed by his psychometry, giving him practice in releasing conscious control to trust his instincts and follow the guidance of the Force.

The one ability that he has always sought to hone without much success has been Force Healing. While he's had some luck in boosting his own healing abilities and falling into a healing trance, he has never been able to use the Force to heal another - much to his frustration in the course of his work both on aid missions as a Jedi and his off the books work running slaves to freedom outside of Hutt Space.



Tycho's Armored Flight Suit
⇀ Pack (Datapad, 3x extra blaster packs, conversion kit, port scanner, 3x security spikes, 2x binders)
Jedi Utility Belt (Standard Assortment, Aquata Rebreather, fibercord grapple hook, food and energy capsules, hydrospanner, 2x blaster packs, helmet clip)
⇀ Wrist-Mounted Commlink


⇀ Dual Phase Lightsaber (modified so the the hilt and the emitter can be separated and stored on his belt appearing as harmless tools)
Adumari Blastsword (sheathed across back)
DL-44 (left-thigh holster)
SB-17 Combat Fusioncutter (Boot Sheath)

Other Tech
EZPhone and EZPods
Port Scanner (stored in backpack) and Security Spikes (2x on belt, 3x in backpack)
Hydrospanner - Never leave home without one.
⇀ 2x Binders
⇀ As a good Ossein is always prepared for everything to fail at once, Tycho carries two StarX Yellow Box repair kits aboard his ship at all times)
⇀ Master Undomiel's lightsaber is kept in a place of honor in Tycho's room aboard his ship, though the kyber crystal within has been wrapped in leather cord and hangs around his neck.

Ship and Droids

⇀ Name TBD - A modified YZ-775 Medium Freighter

L4-Series Protocol Droid ~ L4-R1 "Lari" - Translator and Copilot
2-1B Surgical Droid ~ "Doc" - Shipboard Medic
BA-10 Astromech ~ "Bato" - Astrogation and Repairs

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