Droid V-3PO


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Sep 11, 2010
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Cybot Galactica.

Assassin droid.

3PO unit.

Legged, bipedal.

Rechargeable power cell, 24 hour duration.


Height - 1.7 meters.

Titanium and chromium.


V-3PO is an illegally modified Cybot Galactica 3PO-series protocol droid that has been turned into a vicious assassin droid. Though the masculinely programmed droid began as an ordinary protocol droid, his owner, Rooba the Hutt, was fascinated with the projects of the Tarkin Initiative and sought to recreate the infamous Triple Zero assassin droid. To that end, he hired Todo Frike, a droid mechanic working for the Five Syndicates, to make his dreams a reality. Todo succeeded in installing multiple deadly modifications to the protocol droid, and even replaced the droid's chassis with black titanium plating with chromium finish and red photoreceptors to resemble 0-0-0. However, his endeavor was ultimately a failure.

Todo botched the installation of an HK-model gladiator droid's personality matrix, which resulted in a homicidal, borderline sociopathic, assassin droid without any sense of loyalty towards its owner. Because of these botched modifications, V-3PO, who calls himself "Veepee," is capable of masquerading as a 3PO unit protocol droid—complete with their etiquette protocols and translator capabilities, enabling him to speak over 6 million forms of communication and register up to 30,000 sentient lifeforms—while in actuality being a malicious torture-bot believing himself to be a mercenary.

V-3PO features a protocol droid torture package, which includes a weapon concealed within each of its ten fingers: these weapons range from knives, to saws, scalpels, syringes, and torches. These weapons are concealed within the droid's fingers normally, but can be brought out whenever he wishes to use them by transforming his hands. Veepee is also equipped with droid shock arms, which turn both of his hands into painful tasers capable of delivering up to 50,000 volts of electricity. These upgrades dramatically lower his power cell life from 72 hours to just 24 standard hours; however, as most organics also require some manner of sleep at least once every 24 hours, he does not consider this much of a downgrade.

The droid's chassis was also outfitted with a range of functions. Within its right hand was hidden a computer spike. Its right wrist contained a wrist blaster, while its left wrist contained a wrist flamethrower. It's left hand also contained a dart launcher that contains a short-lived, fast-acting sedative that works on humans and Near-Humans.

Restricted. V-3PO is a highly illegal version of the standard 3PO-series protocol droid. His ability to masquerade as an ordinary protocol droid means that he often avoids detection, but, should he be seen using his assassin droid talents, he could be under threat of impoundment or destruction.

To create a generic tech write-up for my PC, V-3PO, to document modifications that set him apart from the typical 3PO unit without cluttering up his character sheet—to make the lives of the character mods easier, in other words.
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