Armor V-3PO's chassis


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Sep 11, 2010
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V-3PO's Chassis

Typically, 3PO-series protocol droids are outfitted with standard plasteel casings for their use as translators or household servants. However, to make his roll as an assassin droid more viable (in other words, to offer protection that plasteel on its own just did not), V-3PO was outfitted from head-to-toe with black titanium plating and chromium finish, which gave his plates an almost mirror-like sheen.


Legal. Many droid models were made with titanium plating, and chromium was a popular finish for 3PO units, the most famous use being C-3PO himself. However, V-3PO's choice of black plates might subject him to increased scrutiny in public and by law enforcement.


To give my protocol droid turned murderbot a protective casing for any potential PvP, PvE, or dice roll scenarios down the road.

Type & Coverage
Type: Heavy

  • Head: Black titanium cranial case, covering the front and back of the head, with red photoreceptors.
  • Torso: Black titanium segmented torso plating, covers neck to mid-torso, stomach area/wires exposed, and then covers pelvis-region.
  • Back: Black titanium back plating, covers neck to mid-back.
  • Upper Arms: Black titanium arm casing covers from shoulder to elbow on both arms.
  • Lower Arms: Black titanium segmented plating covering the elbow to the wrist, as well as the hands, of both arms; but segmented to allow fingers and hand articulation.
  • Upper Legs: Black titanium leg casing covers from upper thigh to knee joint on both legs.
  • Lower Legs: Black titanium "boots" cover from knee joint to feet.


Function #1: Mag-Boots
  • Magnetic boots contain electromagnets in the soles and allow for enhanced movement on ferrous surfaces in microgravity or steep gradients. This functionality must be turned on or off manually by a button or switch.

Function #2: Computer Spike
  • Computer spikes are used to forcibly decrypt or unlock computer terminals. Most civilian systems can be cracked in one posting round, while most military or hardened systems take two or more.

Function #3: Wrist Blaster
  • This weapon does the damage of a medium blaster, but is mounted on the forearm. With limited ammunition (10 shots) and range (15m), it isn't a substitute for carrying a blaster, but it is certainly very useful as a backup or ambush weapon in close quarters. The weapon must be manually activated via button or other trigger.

Function #4: Wrist Flamethrower
  • Wrist flamers are rare, expensive, and dangerous armor attachments favored by mercenaries and soldiers more than bounty hunters, and are illegal in many systems. Wrist flamers are powered by small fuel capsules, and typically hold enough for 3 short bursts of flame. These bursts last 2 seconds, are one meter wide and have a maximum range of 3 meters. The weapon must be manually activated via button or switch, and must be disassembled to be reloaded.

Function #5: Dart Launcher
  • Can launch a dart accurately up to 15m. This dart is filled with a fast-acting, short-lived sedative that can render near-humans unconscious, or a sedative tailored to one specific alien physiology. The dart is incapable of penetrating even the lightest armor, or even thick leathers. The dart has the same practical effect as a medium stun bolt.